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South Platte mapping and analysis program (SPMAP): decision support tools for the Lower South Platte




Garcia, Luis Alfredo, author
Patterson, Dave, author
Lange, Robert W., author
Altennhofen, Jon, author
Hall, James R., author
Leaf, Forest, author
Odor, Jack, author
Colorado Water Resources Research Institute, publisher

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To address the demands of competing water users, water managers require the use of computer-based technology to support decision making, especially in the lower portion of the South Platte Basin where the river is underlain by a shallow alluvial aquifer and the highest demand is from irrigated agriculture. In conjunction with an advisory committee comprised of representatives of water user organizations in the Lower South Platte Basin, modeling and analysis tools have been developed by the Integrated Decision Support (IDS) Group to address the informational needs of these competing water user groups. These tools are expressly designed for the combination of ground and surface water supplies found in the Lower South Platte Basin. Water user organizations are applying these tools in water resources planning and using them to determine augmentation requirements and recharge benefits to flows in the South Platte River. Tools include the development of a spatial database with analysis tools, a consumptive use model for the South Platte, and a stream depletion factor interface to determine the impacts of groundwater withdrawals and recharges on river flows. This report will detail the software developed and provide a description of how these tool are being used to meet the needs of water providers in the Lower South Platte Basin. This decision support system is a dynamic tool where water users can test various parameters of many different scenarios to determine the best decisions now and in the future.


January 2001.

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SPMAP (Computer file) -- Evaluation
Watershed management -- South Platte River Valley (Colo. and Neb.)
Decision support systems -- Evaluation


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