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Food security and access in northern Colorado




Sullins, Martha, author
Phillips, Megan, author
Sloan, Melanie, author
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, publisher

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Food security is a complex issue: limited resource households, distance to food markets and other barriers to securing adequate, safe and nutritious foods all combine to create a food landscape that may not be conducive to good health in our communities. Recent data from the Northern Colorado region suggest there is increasing need for food assistance from government, community and school programs. Data on food assistance, food stamps outlays, and reduced/free school lunch eligibility are consistent in illustrating increased need for programs to mitigate food insecurity during this economic downturn. Community gardens and efforts to "map" food assets are explored as new approaches to improve access to raw foods and appropriate food market outlets for those who might otherwise have their dietary choices constrained by what is readily available.


October 2010.

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Food Bank for Larimer County
food assistance
federal poverty level
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