Nonresonant tunneling in InGaP/InAlP asymmetric double quantum wells

Robinson, G. Y., author
Woods, M., author
Hafich, M. J., author
Rocca, Jorge J., author
Menoni, C. S., author
Chilla, J. L. A., author
Buccafusca, O., author
American Institute of Physics, publisher
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Nonresonant tunneling rates have been measured in InGaP/InAlP asymmetric double quantum-well structures for which optical phonon assisted tunneling is energetically forbidden. For an initial photoexcited carrier density of 2.4 × 1011 cm-2, tunneling times of 220, 60, and less than 9 ps have been measured in samples with barrier thickness 4.5, 3.0, and 1.5 nm, respectively. The tunneling times were found to be strongly dependent on carrier density. The measured tunneling times and their dependence on carrier density are compatible with impurity scattering being the dominant mechanism assisting the tunneling.
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