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Thomas, McKayla, artist
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The artist's statement: My recent artwork revolves around benchmarks within my own life that have greatly influenced me and that have changed me into the person I am today. The individual pieces in this body of work represent moments in my life that carry immense emotional weight and represent lost or hidden parts of both my past and current selves. By investing in these projects, I am able to look at these situations in a new light, and I am able to relinquish childhood anxieties that I've held onto for some time. Through this transition, I have been struck with the realization that my past is multidimensional, and exists both within and outside of my own awareness. Memory and time are both relative terms; two people will most likely have very different accounts of the same happening. Thinking about this phenomena, I am pushed to the realization that my memory is not particularly a true iteration of a circumstance, but it is true to me. In my work, I search for ways to display those memories, dreams and other phenomena. My piece titled Safe Zone explores these ideas by displaying the street corner that was "safe" during games of tag with my childhood friends. By altering the elements slightly, the piece begins to feel both familiar and anonymous. Although I've designated it as my personal memory, the intention is that anyone can connect with this piece on some level. I have learned to think deeply about symbolism and how elements within a piece interact through studying the paintings of Stephanie Pui Mun Law. The dialogue that she creates within her paintings serves to create deeper context within each piece. I strive to do the same within my own work; creating links from one thing to the next. Some symbolism is overt, yet others are known only to those privy to their historical meanings. In my piece entitled Distance From the Self a root ball is using a pair of scissors to cut off one of its own roots while new growth is forming. This is symbolic of one letting go of pieces of their past in order to move on, into the future. This body of work is the result of delving into my personal history and identifying moments that made an impact that would directly alter the course of my life. The past few years have taught me how to create art with meaning and intent, as well as how to inspire a conversation through art. I am finally grasping what it means to be an artist, and to create work that is visually engaging and personally significant.
2016 Fall.
Colorado State University Art and Art History Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.
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