From storage to retention: expanding California's options for meeting its water needs

California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply, author
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The California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply (CRWFS) is a consensus-based forum for thought leaders to uncover obstacles, identify solutions, and take action to enhance water security for agriculture, the public and the environment. Participants share a dedication to a healthy and balanced future for California and each bring deep experience on issues at the intersection of water supply and agriculture to the table. California is not water-scarce per se, but storage-scarce. Responding to the importance of this issue, members of the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply undertook a dialogue on water storage, building on a 2011 report by the Roundtable: Agricultural Water Stewardship. This work acknowledges that smart use of water must be complemented by more effective stewardship of supplies, extending and renewing them through reuse and added storage, which have potential to substantially increase water security.
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