Language games

Wasielewski, Audrey Lynn, author
Faris, Suzanne, advisor
Moseman, Eleanor, committee member
Bates, Haley, committee member
McKee, Patrick, committee member
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The complex nature of language has interested me as long as I can remember: how we experience it and how it affects our lives in both personal and public ways. This fascination was the spark for a thesis body of work that considers Ludwig Wittgenstein's "language game" in the context of contemporary discourse. In his publication Philosophical Investigations, he first coins the term, noting that it is "meant to bring into prominence the fact that the speaking of language is part of an activity, or of a form of life." This idea that we activate language as we speak it, is the cornerstone of my personal exploration of the written and spoken word as a medium and the foundation of this thesis body.
2013 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.
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contemporary art
political rhetoric
language games
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