The mind of heaven

Clements, Mark Andre, author
Becker, Leslee, advisor
Schwartz, Steven, committee member
Alexander, Ruth, committee member
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This thesis consists of four short historical fiction pieces and one novella. The four short stories are part of an ongoing project, cultivated from an interest in the relationship between fiction and modernist long poems. If this project follows in the footsteps of its inspirations, it probably will never be "finished"--what you will find here are the first steps out into the abyss of history. One of the central figures of this project, the prophet Elijah, appears in one form or another in several of these stories. The novella is an attempt to frame similar cosmo-ontological issues in a sustained, contemporary context. It tells the story of a demon, living under the name Andrus Andross, and his experiences as a bartender in a neglected Chesapeake Bay resort town.
2012 Spring.
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