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Pyrogenic organic matter and litter decomposition using isotope tracing-data




Soong, Jennifer L.
Dam, Marie

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The use of dual 13C- and 15N-labeled leaf litter and pyrogenic organic matter in decomposition studies is a powerful method for identifying the amount, location, and transformation of organic matter inputs to the soil. The data reported here derive from the experiment described in Soong et al. 2015 and Soong et al. 2016. The experiment was designed: 1) to trace the fate of C and N from dual labeled decomposing Andropogon gerardii leaf litter and pyrogenic organic matter into the soil and roots; 2) to identify the microbial and nematode community composition and utilization of the isotopically labeled substrates over the course of 11 months.


Zip file includes ReadMe, spreadsheet and csv files.
Department of Soil & Crop Sciences

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Associated Publications

Soong, J. L., Dam, M., Wall, D. H., & Cotrufo, M. F. (2017) Below‐ground biological responses to pyrogenic organic matter and litter inputs in grasslands. Functional Ecology, 31, 260-269.