Evaluating the performance of iPhoto facial recognition at the biometric verification task

Patmore, Keegan P., author
Beveridge, Ross, advisor
Draper, Bruce, committee member
Givens, Geoff, committee member
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The Faces feature of Apple's iPhoto '09 software uses facial recognition techniques to help people organize their digital photographs. This work seeks to measure the facial recognition performance of iPhoto Faces in order to gain insight into the progress of facial recognition systems in commercial software. A common performance evaluation protocol is explained and performance values are presented. The protocol is based on performance measurements of academic and biometric facial recognition systems performed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It uses the data set developed for the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Face Recognition Challenge Problem which contains images with varying levels of facial recognition difficulty. Results show high performance on the hardest faces to recognize, less than peak performance on the easier faces, and overall less variation in performance across varying levels of difficulty than is observed for alternative baseline algorithms.
2012 Spring.
Includes bibliographical references.
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facial recognition
computer vision
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