Static mapping of subtasks in a heterogeneous ad hoc grid environment

Velazco, José, author
Sugavanam, Prasanna V., author
Sridharan, Jayashree, author
Sousa, J. C., author
Sendek, David, author
Saylor, William W., author
Satyasekaran, Praveen Moses, author
Pichumani, Prakash K., author
Dussinger, Steve, author
Chindam, Kiran, author
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An ad hoc grid is a heterogeneous computing and communication system without a fixed infrastructure; all of its components are mobile. Energy management is a major concern in an ad hoc grid. One important aspect of energy management is to minimize the energy consumption during a mission. In an ad hoc grid, communication and computations are deeply intertwined, and any energy optimization must consider both types of activities together rather than separately. The mapping (defined as matching and scheduling) of tasks onto machines with varied computational capabilities has been shown, in general, to be an NP-complete problem. Therefore, heuristic techniques are required to efficiently map tasks to machines in an ad hoc grid so as to minimize the energy consumed due to communication and computation. This research evaluates and compares energy management issues for resource allocation in ad hoc grids using six static heuristics.
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ad hoc networks
grid computing
resource allocation
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