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Eye've seen this before: building a gaze data analysis tool for déjà vu detection




Seabolt, Logan K., author
Blanchard, Nathaniel, advisor
Anderson, Charles, advisor
Thomas, Michael, committee member

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In order to expand the understanding of the phenomenon known as déjà vu, an investigation into the use of eyetracking was needed. Through the use of an advanced eyetracking device, open-source software, and previous research into déjà vu, this thesis provides a discussion and analysis of the development for a standardized eyetracking set up for general gaze data collection and a novel gaze data conversion pipeline. The tools created for this thesis work in conjunction to collect and convert data into easier to comprehend formats and separates the results into simplified separate text files. This data analysis tool analyzes and formats files en mass in order to make the processing of high volumes of data easier. These tools are designed to be accessible to professionals within and outside of the field of computer science. With these tools researchers can develop their own projects and implement the eyetracking code over theirs and then pass the output data through the data analysis tool to gather all the information needed.


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