Voices of Hispanic and Latina/o secondary students in northern Colorado: poetic counterstories

Gabriel, Maria L., author
Timpson, William, advisor
Aragon, Antonette, advisor
Jennings, Louise, committee member
Aoki, Eric, committee member
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This study examines the experiences of Hispanic and Latina/o middle and high school students in a public school district in Northern Colorado over four years (2006 to 2009) as described by the students themselves and analyzed and interpreted by a member of the same cultural group. Informed by a pilot study, the dissertation includes a document analysis of the transcriptions of 105 open-ended responses of Hispanic and Latina/o 8th to 12th grade students to the question, "Describe a time when you or someone you know confronted an issue because of their race or ethnicity." In February and March of 2011, two purposefully selected focus groups with eight Hispanic and Latina/o students were asked four specific questions, including if they had similar or different experiences than those in open-ended responses. All eight students described racialized experiences in their schools and shared additional insights from their experiences, including their feelings and suggested changes for schools. The archival data and focus group transcripts were analyzed using Critical Thematic Analysis (CTA), a blended approach of analysis methods supported by a Critical Race Theory (CRT) research lens. Poetic analysis was used as a final step of analysis, and nine research poems are presented as a form of counterstory. The five main implications of the research included the suggested inclusion of students' voices in educational debates, the need for understanding the sociopolitical context of schooling for Hispanic and Latina/o students, school-based policy, the role of schools and educational leaders in intervening when racism abounds, and the potential use of arts-based research to address critical issues such as race in qualitative research.
2011 Fall.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Hispanic Americans
critical race theory
high school
middle school
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