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Lush the cradle




Macintyre, Kristin, author
Beachy-Quick, Dan, advisor
Steensen, Sasha, committee member
Harrow, Del, committee member

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Lush the Cradle posits a mind for its speaker. In a formal sense, the collection is a mind. It cycles through six different logics, each section wholly its own and each, too, deeply connected to the others. Respectively, the sections are concerned with dream, memory, the addicted or endangered mind, the mind reborn, the desiring mind, and vision (of the prophetic kind). In each section, the poems relocate the I, pull it from the depths of itself further into the world. In order to recover, by which I mean in order to be, the I must find itself again beneath the sky. It must be warmed, it must be nourished there. It must be a part of the whole. In order to achieve this, the collection cycles through patterns, borrows images across and throughout its poems, and uses the line as a device to think, to reveal, and to elicit wonder.


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