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International development in two rural Kenyan villages: a transnational feminist approach




Marweg, Abby Christina, author
Bubar, Roe, advisor
Souza, Caridad, committee member
Bruyere, Brett, committee member

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This qualitative study explores the perspectives and stories of the women who live in the villages of Umoja and Unity in the northern Samburu region of Kenya and the impacts of Western driven international development projects in their communities. Through semi-structured interviews conducted in the villages of Umoja and Unity this thesis outlines the complexities of international development organizations and their relationship to the women, their access to resources, and the economic structures affecting their lives. This study augments transnational feminist theory with that of international development and economy to argue that the current system of development is inadequate. This study will show that this insufficiency in development initiatives is due to a failure by the Global North, global feminists, and development organizations to address the structural intersectionality that affects the women in Umoja and Unity and their lives.


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