Valley bottom extraction tool results for Colorado River Basin

Evangelista, Paul
Woodward, Brian
West, Amanda
Vorster, Tony
Young, Nicholas
Girma, Rebecca
Carroll, Sarah
Vashisht, Amandeep
Tilakamonkul, Chanin
Campbell, Emily
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Valley Bottom Extraction Tool (V-BET) was used to spatially define riparian corridors based on topography and vegetation. The V-BET algorithm was applied to all streams and rivers present within the Colorado River Basin (CRB) that were less than or equal to Strahler stream order "3" (USGS National Hydrologic Database, 2016), thereby capturing the extent of valley bottoms and riparian corridors along the majority of large streams and rivers within the expansive CRB network.
Valley bottoms are representative of the "maximum riparian corridor extent", an area which separates the vegetative, topographic, and environmental characteristics of riparian areas from those of the upland. The Valley Bottom Extraction Tool (V-BET) (Gilbert et al., 2016), a freely available ArcMap Toolbox, was used to map valley bottoms across the Colorado River Basin. The V-BET tool requires two primary data inputs: a high resolution (≤10 m2) digital elevation model and hydrologic flowline data with high cartographic precision. The hydrologic flow line data was obtained from the National Hydrography Dataset and a 10-meter digital elevation model from the National Elevation Dataset. The study area was separated into 149 distinct hydrological unit codes (HUCs) at the HUC-8 level and processed each HUC independently within the V-BET toolbox in ArcMap v10.3. Resulting valley bottom extents, which are output from the tool as polygon files, were qualitatively verified by trained interpreters and edited (mainly streams and rivers equal to Strahler stream order "3") manually in a geographic information system to remove any superfluous channels or over/under estimations of extent using the refinement and editing process detailed in Gilbert et al. (2016). This zip file contains two versions of the Valley bottom extraction tool results for the Colorado River Basin; one as a raster version and another as a polygon shapefile.
Users of these maps and other analysis products are solely responsible for interpretations made from these products. The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory makes every effort to ensure this map is free of errors but does not warrant the map or its features are either spatially or temporally accurate or fit for a particular use. The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory provides this map without any warranty, either express or implied.
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL)
riparian corridor, valley bottom extraction tool, VBET