Design and implementation of the SBX1: a smart environment chamber for biological research and discovery

Ball, Daniel S., author
Chen, Thomas, advisor
Wilson, Jesse, committee member
Chicco, Adam, committee member
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Modern biomedical laboratories make significant use of environmentally controlled chambers for incubation and examination of live cell samples. They require precise control over temperature, humidity, and gas concentration to mimic natural conditions for cell survival and growth. Many incubators and live cell imaging systems exist as commercial products; however, they are prohibitively expensive, costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on capabilities of the system. This thesis presents the electrical, optical, mechanical, and software design of the SBX1Smart Environment Chamber. This device aims to fulfill the needs of most users at a lower cost than current commercial offerings, providing an opportunity for less funded labs to pursue biomedical research and development. The chamber provides temperature, humidity, and gas concentration controls, an internal microscope with an automated stage, and an integrated ARM microcomputer to with a graphical user interface for control and monitoring of the system. A patent has been filed for the SBX1; application no. US 2020/0324289 A1.
2021 Summer.
Includes bibliographical references.
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