Britta Horsfall: capstone

Horsfall, Britta, artist
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The artist's statement: Along Highway 1 from mile marker 72 to 58, I'm reminded of who I am. Big Sur, California has been my safe haven for the last six years, welcoming me back time and time again; each trip becoming its own mile marker in my journey. God has His hand on that coast, I'm sure of it. Dense rolling fog, steep cliffs, trails littered with coastal sage, waves that deserve their own seven minute segment in The Endless Summer. Tide pools, saltwater bedhead, pants rolled up with feet sunk ankle-deep in sooty river beds. The kind of laughter that warms you from the inside out. When I am there, I am myself. This series comes from a frustration that simmers just under the surface of my college career, whispering continually, "Not yet." It is the lust for a chapter that is both past and yet to be. Functioning as my mile markers, giving me order where my memories are fluid and fading. I want to be there, but I am not there. A blend of painting, weaving, and hand stitching culminate as my collection of love letters back to the sea; reflecting on weekend surf trips with dear friends, moments of self discovery on hidden beaches, and the subtle electricity that fills the air as whales migrate north. These are my people. And this is my place. These are my tomorrows and my yesterdays.
2017 Fall.
Colorado State University Art and Art History Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, a list of works, and images of works.
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