2003 report on the health of Colorado's forests

Lewis, Page, author
Colorado. Division of Forestry, publisher
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The 2003 Report on the Health of Colorado's Forests is the third installment in a series of publications intended to expand Coloradans' knowledge of and interest in our state's forest resources. Beginning in 2001, each of these Reports has presented valuable information on the diversity of our forests and highlighted some of the key issues that shape their current condition. At the heart of these documents is a challenge: What do we want from our forests and what do they need in order to continue to provide our desired benefits? The members of Colorado's Forestry Advisory Board have presented this question to numerous audiences, ranging from local civic groups to state officials and various professional associations. A number of communities have taken-up our challenge and begun engaging their residents in a dialogue about the condition and stewardship of their forests.
The reports describes "an annual investigation of critical forest health issues, including the identification of priority areas across the state where current forest conditions demand timely action." They are intended to "expand Coloradans' knowledge of and interest in our state's forest resources."
Reports produced by the Colorado Division of Forestry in conjunction with one or more of the following: Colorado State University Publications and Printing, Colorado State Forest Service and United States Forest Service.
Includes bibliographical references.
January 12, 2004.
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