Fabrication and performance of selectively oxidized vertical-cavity lasers

Hull, Robert, author
Figiel, J. J., author
Geib, Kent M., author
Schneider, Richard P., author
Lear, Kevin L., author
Choquette, Kent D., author
IEEE, publisher
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We report the high yield fabrication and reproducible performance of selectively oxidized vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers. We show that linear oxidation rates of AlGaAs without an induction period allows reproducible fabrication of buried oxide current apertures within monolithic distributed Bragg reflectors. The oxide layers do not induce obvious crystalline defects, and continuous wave operation in excess of 650 h has been obtained. The high yield fabrication enables relatively high laser performance over a wide wavelength span. We observe submilliamp threshold currents over a wavelength range of up to 75 nm, and power conversion efficiencies at 1 mW output power of greater than 20% over a 50-nm wavelength range.
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III-V semiconductors
aluminium compounds
distributed Bragg reflector lasers
gallium arsenide
laser cavity resonators
quantum well lasers
surface emitting lasers
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