An evaluation of two methods of teaching prospective clerks to type business letters

Hershey, Edna-Jean, author
Hinderman, Roy Aaron, 1900-, advisor
Heilig, Herb, committee member
Marshall, Thomas O., committee member
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August, 1945.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 339-344).
Book covers not scanned.
Contents of zipped file: Appendix originally bound with thesis, includes eight sections. A: booklet "You Can Do It" describing activities at Denver's Emily Griffith Opportunity School; B: list of 14 Denver business firms aiding the study; C: Table 81, summary of job information on beginning clerk-typists required in the Fall. of 1944 by 15 employers in Denver; D: correspondence with four business schools; Table 82, summary of current letter-writing mechanics and techniques followed by Denver Business firms; F: specimen of tests used in the experiment; G: unit of instruction prepared for the study; and H: bibliography.
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Emily Griffith Opportunity School (Denver, Colo.)
Commercial correspondence -- Study and teaching
Typewriting -- Study and teaching
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