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Intergenerational transmission of gender ideology: the unique associations of parental gender ideology and gendered behavior with adolescents' gender beliefs




Bishop, Amy, author
Lucas-Thompson, Rachel, advisor
Haddock, Shelley, committee member
Canetto, Silvia, committee member

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Parents' modeled behavior of shared or non-egalitarian division of labor does not always reflect their gender ideology. I examined whether parents' modeled behavior or their own gender ideology was a better predictor of adolescents' egalitarian or non-egalitarian gender beliefs. Parents and their adolescent children were assessed in terms of gender ideology and perceptions of parent marital equality. Bivariate correlations showed that parent gender ideology was a significant predictor of adolescent gender ideology but parent marital equality behavior was not. Furthermore, in multivariate regression analyses, there were interactions between parent gender ideology and adolescent sex: parent gender ideology was significantly associated with gender ideology for male adolescents but was not significantly associated with gender ideology for female adolescents. Implications, limitations, and directions for future research are discussed.


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