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2017 report on the health of Colorado's forests: meeting the challenge of dead and at-risk trees




Barry, Pete, author
Duda, Joseph, author
Garrison, Kristin, author
Lockwood, Ryan, author
Mason, Lisa, author
Matthews, Susan, author
Mueller, Kim, author
Reader, Tim, author
West, Dan, author
Colorado State Forest Service, publisher

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Frequently being outdoors to enjoy Colorado's diverse and scenic environments is one of the reasons many of us call this state home. You don't have to drive, hike, pedal or paddle very far to appreciate the value that forests and trees bring to our lives, our communities and the natural world. Along your way, it may become apparent that many of our forests are overly dense and unhealthy; millions of acres of Colorado forestland also have been impacted by bark beetles in recent decades. But there's a silver lining to the problem of dead and dying trees in our forests: standing dead trees often continue to hold value for years, and currently are being utilized by wood products businesses in efforts that support forest management efforts. The annual Report on the Health ofColorado's Forests provides an overview of current forest conditions, the forces that are shaping them and actions being taken to address challenges. This year, we hope you will find of particular interest the special section on dealing with dead trees and forests at risk of insect mortality.


The reports describes "an annual investigation of critical forest health issues, including the identification of priority areas across the state where current forest conditions demand timely action." They are intended to "expand Coloradans' knowledge of and interest in our state's forest resources."
Reports produced by the Colorado State Forest Service in conjunction with Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry.
Includes bibliographical references.

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forests and forestry
forest health
forest management
dead trees
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