2012 drought in Colorado: estimates of foregone revenues, indirect and induced economic activity for the crop sector

Goemans, Christopher, author
Pritchett, James, author
Nelson, Ron, author
Colorado State University, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, publisher
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Precipitation, whether realized as rain showers during the growing season or stored as snowmelt in reservoirs, is critical for crop and pasture production in Colorado. Drought is the persistent absence of precipitation, and this lack of moisture results in reduced yields, fewer harvested acres and less forage for livestock. Since October of 2010, extreme drought has plagued agricultural producers throughout much of Southern Colorado, and in May of 2012 the drought advanced to encompass the entire state. Agriculture is absorbing faced with economic hardship and drought impacts statewide. The primary objective of this research is to describe and quantify the broader economic impacts of the drought on agricultural productivity and allied economic activity in Colorado. The scope of the analysis takes three forms: a description of agricultural production and prices received for important Colorado crops; calculation of actual 2012 crop revenues juxtaposed against what might have been received if harvested acres and yields were consistent with historical averages; and a broader estimate of the drought's economic impact by accounting for reduced input purchases and wages spent locally.
August 2013.
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