Recent Submissions

  • Risk factors for brain health in agricultural work: a systematic review 

    Author(s):Sturm, Emily Terese; Castro, Colton; Mendez Colmenares, Andrea; Duffy, John; Burzynzka, Agnieszka Z.; Stallones, Lorann; Thomas, Michael L.
    Date Issued:2022-03-13
    Format:born digital; articles
    Certain exposures related to agricultural work have been associated with neurological disorders. To date, few studies have included brain health measurements to link specific risk factors with possible neural mechanisms. ...
  • Evaluating the consistency of subjective activity assessments and their relation to cognition in older adults 

    Author(s):Hatt, Cassandra R.; Brydges, Christopher R.; Mogle, Jacqueline A.; Sliwinski, Martin J.; Bielak, Allison A. M.
    Date Issued:2021-07-28
    Format:born digital; articles
    (1) Background: Research examining whether activity engagement is related to cognitive functioning in older adults has been limited to using retrospective reports of activity which may be affected by biases. This study ...