3rd annual Colorado rare plant symposium: G2 plants of southeastern Colorado: meeting minutes

Anderson, David G., author
Colorado Natural Heritage Program, publisher
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The first symposium was held in Steamboat Springs in 2004, and covered all of Colorado’s threatened, endangered, candidate, and petitioned plant species. The second symposium, held in Pagosa Springs in 2005, covered the globally critically imperiled (G1) plant species of Colorado that are not federally listed species. Today's program includes all the G2 species that have one or more occurrences in the southeast portion of Colorado.
Recorder: David G. Anderson.
Symposium held on September 8, 2006 at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Introduction and ground rules: Steve Popovich and Jill Handwerk.
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Rare plants -- Colorado -- Identification
Endemic plants -- Colorado -- Identification
Endangered plants -- Colorado -- Identification
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