Data collected during the pilot campaign of the citizen-enabled aerosol measurements for satellites (CEAMS) network in northern Colorado

Ford, Bonne
Pierce, Jeffrey R.
Wendt, Eric
Long, Marilee
Jathar, Shantanu
Mehaffy, John
Tryner, Jessica
Quinn, Casey
van Zyl, Lizette
L'Orange, Christian
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Colorado State University. Libraries
These measurement data were collected by participants using the Aerosol Mass and Optical Depth (AMOD) sampler during a pilot campaign for the Citizen-Enabled Aerosol Measurements for Satellites (CEAMS) network in Fall/Winter 2017 in northern Colorado. Data include multi-wavelength aerosol optical depth, filter mass and composition, and optical particle mass concentrations (for a subset of the files).
Files include log files with all output from the AMOD device (including multi-wavelength aerosol optical depth values) for each participant (AD0**txt). To protect the privacy of participants, all GPS location data has been truncated in log files. Log files are separated by participant using unique alphanumeric identifier (bp###). Also included are files with aerosol mass (CEAMS Gravimetric and BC Results.xlsx) and elemental composition (CEAMS XRF Results.csv). Blank filters are noted in the files. Filters can be linked to log files by the log file name (last three numbers in log file name).
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Atmospheric Science
air quality, citizen science, low cost air quality sensors