Recent Submissions

  • Trail network in Chiapas: linking people, ecosystems and ideas 

    Author(s):Boné, Eduardo
    Date Issued:2014-01-28
    Format:born digital; digital moving image formats
    Chiapas is one of Mexico's most biologically and culturally diverse states, but also the poorest in the country. A vast network of pre-Colombian, colonial era and modern trails connect indigenous and rural communities ...
  • Tet Ansanm: working with "Heads Together" in Haitian reforestation 

    Author(s):McGreevy, John
    Date Issued:2014-02-25
    Format:born digital; digital moving image formats
    Haiti's area of forest cover has dropped from 80% to less than 2% since the arrival of foreign influence in 1492. Yet, Haitians remain closely intertwined with the environment, depending on trees for food, shade, building ...
  • Green business development in Indian country 

    Author(s):Gaechter, Lacey
    Date Issued:2014-02-11
    Format:born digital; digital moving image formats
    In her Tribal Business Development Program, Lacey is helping create "green" livelihoods on Native American reservations in the United States, where there is little hope for other employment options, especially those that ...
  • Cross-cultural communication of knowledge and study results: a case for Mongolia 

    Author(s):Ulambayar, Tungalag
    Date Issued:2014-04-08
    Format:born digital; digital audio formats
    Tungaa's fellowship project aimed to support the outreach objectives of the Mongolian Rangelands and Resilience (MOR2) project of Colorado State University by implementing two activities. The first was to create a nation-wide ...
  • Collaborative conservation at CSU: where are we now and where should we go? 

    Author(s):Reid, Robin
    Date Issued:2014-03-25
    Format:born digital; digital audio formats
    Colorado State University has tremendous strengths in collaborative governance and conservation across campus. We started the Center for Collaborative Conservation 6 years ago to build upon and magnify that strength. In ...
  • Collaboration - why it's hard, why it's frustrating, and why I still think it is the way forward: reflections on collaboration in Montana's Crown of the Continent 

    Author(s):Parker, Melanie
    Date Issued:2014-01-31
    Format:born digital; digital audio formats
    In the 1990's, collaborative efforts sprung up in small towns all across the American West. Most were born out of local citizen efforts to address seemingly intractable conflicts around natural resource management. Since ...
  • Using pocket science to learn together on the Uncompahgre Plateau 

    Author(s):Matonis, Megan
    Date Issued:2014-04-22
    Format:born digital; presentations (communicative events)
    Megan will discuss the use of pocket science to engage citizens in asking ecological questions and learning about historical forest structure on the Uncompahgre Plateau. Pocket science involves the collection of simple and ...