Recent Submissions

  • Perspectives on the Poudre River World Café: gathering collective wisdom to explore stakeholder visions of the Poudre River 

    Date Issued:2014-12-09
    Format:born digital; posters; presentations (communicative events)
    For this world café, we anticipate in-depth conversations that lead to feasible and collaborative ideas about sustaining the health and productivity of the Poudre River. This world cafe will be the culmination of the CCC ...
  • Our urban uses of the Poudre: quantity, quality and conservation 

    Author(s):Reckentine, Eric; Smolnik, Susan; Raines, Richard
    Date Issued:2014-11-18
    Format:born digital; presentations (communicative events)
    Three separate PowerPoint presentations discussing Our urban uses of the Poudre.
  • Where the water in the Poudre originates and who has rights to use it 

    Author(s):Simpson, Mark; Brown, Dan
    Date Issued:2014-10-07
    Format:born digital; presentations (communicative events)
    Mark Simpson and Dan Brown present separate PowerPoints presentations and discuss the development of the major water right in the area, including the water "exchanges" that are vital to water users on the stream, from the ...
  • Agriculture to urban water transfers 

    Author(s):Wallace, George
    Date Issued:2014-11-04
    Format:born digital; presentations (communicative events)
    Presentation covers: Changing the way we think about the water used by agriculture; benefits provided by the irrigated landscape; local food supplies are in greater demand; irrigated agriculture in Larimer County produces ...
  • Where does it hurt? Ecological needs of the Poudre 

    Author(s):Bledsoe, Brian
    Date Issued:2014-10-21
    Format:born digital; presentations (communicative events)
    Presentation addresses three questions: How does the river work (ecologically)? ; What kind of river do we have today, and what might we be most concerned about in the future (ecologically)? ; What can we do?
  • Starting at the top: how what happens in the Poudre's Upper Watershed affects all of us below 

    Author(s):Kovecses, Jennifer
    Date Issued:2014-09-23
    Format:born digital; posters; presentations (communicative events)
    In the summer of 2012, wildfires burned over 87,000 acres of the Cache la Poudre watershed. Based on experiences in other parts of Colorado and the west, it quickly became apparent that a wildfire of this scale and intensity ...
  • Poudre River, The: history of collaboration over conflict 

    Author(s):Cech, Tom
    Date Issued:2014-09-09
    Format:born digital; posters; presentations (communicative events)
    The meeting was held on a hot, dry summer day in 1874. Two groups of irrigators, from the downstream Union Colony (Greeley) and the new agricultural community in upstream Fort Collins - came armed with guns. The neutral ...