Recent Submissions

  • Community collaboration: sharing responsibility, not power 

    Author(s):Merriman, Tim
    Date Issued:2012-09-11
    Format:born digital; digital moving image formats
    Expecting people to share power and collaborate is often unrealistic in community and agency settings. The HEART approach to collaborative planning brings groups into collaboration to share responsibilities and a planning ...
  • Anthropocene, The! Beyond the natural? - CCC 

    Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Date Issued:2012-08-28
    Format:born digital; motion pictures (visual works); digital moving image formats
    We are now entering the Anthropocene Epoch - so runs a recent enthusiastic claim. Humans can and ought go beyond the natural and powerfully engineer a better planet, managing for climate change, building new ecosystems for ...
  • Power, ethics, and deliberative democracy: exploring the contribution of passionate impartiality in diverse communities 

    Author(s):Carcasson, Martin
    Date Issued:2012-09-25
    Format:born digital; digital moving image formats
    Practitioners and theorists involved with the deliberative democracy movement are constantly striving for the unreachable ideal of a democracy where a broad, representative group of stakeholders work through difficult ...
  • Forest Service experiences understanding power and working collaboratively: bridging the theory and practice 

    Author(s):Williams, Peter
    Date Issued:2012-10-09
    Format:born digital; digital moving image formats
    Power is linked inextricably with collaborative conservation; how you handle those linkages reflects ethics in fundamental ways. These two premises underpin how many in the US Forest Service are approaching collaboration ...
  • Ethics of preserving or extinguishing species, The 

    Author(s):Cafaro, Philip
    Date Issued:2012-11-07
    Format:born digital; digital moving image formats
    Currently humanity is extinguishing Earth's species at a rate not seen in 65 million years, since a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. Is that wrong? If so, how wrong? This talk asks how much people should be willing to give ...