Recent Submissions

  • Taylor Gornell : capstone 

    Contributor:Gornell, Taylor
    Date Submitted:2019
    In my body of work, the aim is to explore the ski industry in Colorado in an in-depth and personal way connecting what is easily observed with what is behind the scene. My work shows unexpected elements connected to a ...
  • Kaile Roos : capstone 

    Contributor:Roos, Kaile
    Date Submitted:2019
    In 1st grade, my teachers noticed that I was struggling to keep up academically. It was clear that I had some sort of learning disability, and after being tested, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. It was difficult for me to ...
  • Christian (CJ) Johnson : capstone 

    Contributor:Johnson, Christian
    Date Submitted:2019
    The focus of my photographic practice and research revolves around exploring abstract concepts, philosophy, and ideas. Concepts such as Liminality, Aporia, and Apeiron interest me because they are concepts that we as humans ...
  • Katie Robinson : capstone 

    Contributor:Robinson, Katie
    Date Submitted:2019
    Exploring is an integral part on how I create my work. By constantly exploring different locations, I find that my photographs have a subtle thread of connections. Whether it’s looking at nature and finding peace within ...
  • Maranda Hutson : capstone 

    Contributor:Hutson, Maranda
    Date Submitted:2019
    With this body of work, I was focused on being more mindful of moments that may have been otherwise overlooked in the headlong rush of everyday life. These small situations, displayed larger than life, explore the significant ...
  • Courtney Long : capstone 

    Contributor:Long, Courtney
    Date Submitted:2019
    Based on Sigmund Freud’s theories of the unconscious mind, I have created a photographic representation of the invisible self. The unconscious mind creates connections in the brain that are inaccessible to our fluid stream ...
  • Rachel Wolf : capstone 

    Contributor:Wolf, Rachel
    Date Submitted:2018
    After Garry Winogrand, many people saw street photography as a prominent art form due to his immense and incredible photographic artwork that captured the essence of the streets he wandered. However, I believe that the ...
  • Ashley Vogt : capstone 

    Contributor:Vogt, Ashley
    Date Submitted:2018
    Ever since I began taking portraits in black and white film, I realized that I had something special in the way I looked at other people. My eye caught different things about their appearance, and my images allowed for ...
  • Emily Castillo : capstone 

    Contributor:Castillo, Emily
    Date Submitted:2018
    The average American spends 101 minutes driving every day, a total of 37,935 hours throughout a lifetime. Most of the surroundings we drive through are ignored and unnoticed as we go about our daily lives. We reach a state ...
  • Tabythia Lee : capstone 

    Contributor:Lee, Tabythia
    Date Submitted:2018
    This work came out of my story, I had Iris Melanoma, a rare cancerous tumor in my left eye. Over the last ten years I have had three eye surgeries and nearly lost my sight. In a way I have been drawn to photography and my ...
  • Sarah Fish : capstone 

    Contributor:Fish, Sarah
    Date Submitted:2017
    Depicting what can not be physically seen has always driven my work. How does one capture a state of mind, an emotion, an illness that can’t be seen with the eye? I present three narratives experienced through the mind of ...
  • Uncovering 

    Contributor:Wessling, Hannah
    Date Submitted:2017
    I drew my inspiration for this series, Uncovering, from my strong kinship with the beauty of the female body and my passions for motherhood and reproduction. This series reflects a conscious response to the way in which I ...
  • Alyssa Rusco : capstone 

    Contributor:Rusco, Alyssa
    Date Submitted:2017
    When documentation of place and human experience combine, there comes a hybrid observation of the place itself and how it has been consciously altered and used. In some cases, the traces of human interaction are what make ...
  • Hannah Butler : capstone 

    Contributor:Butler, Hannah
    Date Submitted:2017
    Through the influences of the environmental portrait and exploration of self-portraiture, my work aims to highlight the significance of the more mundane aspects of life between my husband and I. Throughout this series of ...
  • Steven Osika : capstone 

    Contributor:Osika, Steven
    Date Submitted:2017
    The idea at hand focuses on patterns within natural environments and the recurring forms that take place through perfect geometries. The creative process is centered around the pinecone and how the pinecone itself is a ...
  • Abigail Galvin : capstone 

    Contributor:Galvin, Abigail
    Date Submitted:2016
    Through documentation or metaphor, I seek to understand how both our sense of agency and our sense of restriction are deeply tied to an awareness of our own bodies. The result of this process is two interrelated series of ...
  • Tiana Graves : capstone 

    Contributor:Graves, Tiana
    Date Submitted:2016
    This series of photographs emanates from my observations of home interiors photographed during the midst of an estate sale. Often times, rooms, filled with decades worth of collections and personal belongings, are progressively ...
  • Gabrielle Mouton-Kenemuth : capstone 

    Contributor:Mouton-Kenemuth, Gabrielle
    Date Submitted:2016
    Throughout the lifetime of every individual there is an evolution of self that takes place. With every new experience we shatter, and undergo a process of reconstruction. Assimilating pieces of our world and drawing from ...
  • Kendra Keely : capstone 

    Contributor:Keely, Kendra
    Date Submitted:2016
    Jerry Uelsmann once said while talking about the creative nature of his art, “My visual quest is driven by a desire to create a universe capable of supporting feelings and ideas.” My work is heavily influenced by this and ...
  • Jordan Persichitte : capstone 

    Contributor:Persichitte, Jordan
    Date Submitted:2015
    I have always been interested in the idea of the unreal. The illusion that something is happening but could never be true. I have Salvador Dali to thank for that. My work directly relates to the dreams we have and the ...

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