Recent Submissions

  • Donovan Parran : capstone 

    Contributor:Parran, Donovan
    Date Submitted:2019
    The truth of life and the conscious experience are strange, mysterious, and inexplicable. The ways we interpret the world and universe are subjective. They are only abstract understandings of an unfathomable reality. My ...
  • Brody Olson : capstone 

    Contributor:Olson, Brody
    Date Submitted:2019
    Where you are now may be fine, but that doesn't mean it will always be that way. Nature is an unpredictable beast that can't be tamed, we must always be aware of what's yet to come. Dark clouds surround our planet, no ...
  • Shannon Slack : capstone 

    Contributor:Slack, Shannon
    Date Submitted:2018
    As a painter my work explores the definitions of consciousness. As defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary, consciousness is described as: "the state of being awake, aware of what is around you, and able to think…[or] ...
  • Saskia Becker : capstone 

    Contributor:Becker, Saskia
    Date Submitted:2018
    I explore the subconscious phenomenon of dreaming. Every time I fall asleep, I involuntarily fall into a different reality. Dreams are immensely valuable, as they are a perfect mirror of our waking, conscious lives. So ...
  • Hyang Jin Cho : capstone 

    Contributor:Cho, Hyang Jin
    Date Submitted:2018
    I have been interested in visualizing social consciousness in specific forms and structures which associate with historical events and human experiences. My current installation pieces examine female identities from social ...
  • Amanda Krupp : capstone 

    Contributor:Krupp, Amanda
    Date Submitted:2018
    Roads, trails and paths connect places and ideas that are separated by distance. They are physical paths which can be seen. Pathways are a conduit for our inner lives of thoughts and emotions. Many of my current oil paintings ...
  • Holly Flechsig : capstone 

    Contributor:Flechsig, Holly
    Date Submitted:2018
    In the project, Moments, each painting represents an event in my life in which I changed or grew. I take into account the dimensions of canvas, the techniques I use, the materials, etc. to better define the memory the ...
  • Britta Horsfall : capstone 

    Contributor:Horsfall, Britta
    Date Submitted:2017
    Along Highway 1 from mile marker 72 to 58, I’m reminded of who I am. Big Sur, California has been my safe haven for the last six years, welcoming me back time and time again; each trip becoming its own mile marker in my ...
  • Jan Rastall : capstone 

    Contributor:Rastall, Jan
    Date Submitted:2017
    Climbing high mountains and walking thousands of miles on trails through-out my life has graced me with a deep appreciation for the natural world. I paint experiences I have had in the outdoors when time appeared to stand ...
  • Laura Schwieterman : capstone 

    Contributor:Schwieterman, Laura
    Date Submitted:2017
    My art is a map of my experiences outlining my observations of the natural world. It is derived from a combination of exploration and research, to elicit my vibrant and ethereal paintings. They are dynamic and fluid; yet ...
  • Kristen Borkovec : capstone 

    Contributor:Borkovec, Kristen
    Date Submitted:2017
    As a painter, I primarily focus on abstract work and the detail in eyes. Most of my work consists of the use of palette knives, unique brush textures, pouring paint, and dripping techniques. I love experimenting with ...
  • Ceara Tellez : capstone 

    Contributor:Tellez, Ceara
    Date Submitted:2017
    Although human emotion can be displayed in a multitude of ways, body language and facial expression do not always get to the heart of what needs to be conveyed. My artwork is a combination of representational, imagined, ...
  • Hannah Circenis : capstone 

    Contributor:Circenis, Hannah
    Date Submitted:2017
    In my daily life, I have become interested in the distinctive sensory and emotional impressions made on me as I perceive my ever-changing surroundings. Many of the people, places, and things that I see, and sometimes come ...
  • Cristi Steyaert : capstone 

    Contributor:Steyaert, Cristi
    Date Submitted:2017
    In our contemporary society, the subject of addiction has been a suppressed topic of discussion. The awareness of the impact of addiction that affects an individual and those who are in that individual’s life is never ...
  • Angela Natrasevschi : capstone 

    Contributor:Natrasevschi, Angela
    Date Submitted:2017
    Ekphrasis is traditionally the process of poetry that describes or expands upon a work of visual art. My work investigates this through the alternative process of exploring the relationship between my painting and poetry ...
  • Katelin Mills : capstone 

    Contributor:Mills, Katelin
    Date Submitted:2017
    My work follows a pursuit to discover "that moment when something sacred reveals itself within the mundane, and you know the land knows you are there.'' (N. Scott Momaday) My renderings are influenced by literature that ...
  • Sara Neitenbach : capstone 

    Contributor:Neitenbach, Sara
    Date Submitted:2017
    My paintings reflect on my experiences with objects, animals, and the human form. I love the process of translating color, form and expressive qualities that interest me. The way edges blend and meet, the consistency of ...
  • Courtney Wells : capstone 

    Contributor:Wells, Courtney
    Date Submitted:2017
    Focusing on aspects of the human condition in correlation to intimate relationships with one another, my work comments on the psychological and subconscious processes that impact how we interact with each other. A common ...
  • Benjamin Stanford : capstone 

    Contributor:Stanford, Benjamin
    Date Submitted:2016
    Throughout the course of my academic training, I have always found myself drawn to the human figure. While I continually push myself to explore new ways of approaching the figure, I find the aspects of tradition and ...
  • Carolyn Stern : capstone 

    Contributor:Stern, Carolyn
    Date Submitted:2016
    As an artist viewing the world, I am intrigued by places I have not explored. As a kid and even now, I am always curious about what is beyond the hill in front of me and then what is beyond that. I will look out on a view ...

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