Recent Submissions

  • Therapeutic efficacy of antimalarial drugs targeting DosRS signaling in Mycobacterium abscessus 

    Author(s):Belardinelli, Juan Manuel; Verma, Deepshikha; Li, Wei; Avanzi, Charlotte; Wiersma, Crystal J.; Williams, John T.; Johnson, Benjamin K.; Zimmerman, Matthew; Whittel, Nicholas; Angala, Bhanupriya; Wang, Han; Jones, Victoria; Dartois, Veronique; de Moura, Vinicius C. N.; Gonzalez-Juarrero, Mercedes; Pearce, Camron; Schenkel, Alan R.; Malcolm, Kenneth C.; Nick, Jerry A.; Charman, Susan A.; Wells, Timothy N. C.; Podell, Brendan K.; Vennerstrom, Jonathan L.; Ordway, Diane J.; Abramovitch, Robert B.; Jackson, Mary
    Date Issued:2022-02-23
    Format:born digital; articles
    A search for alternative Mycobacterium abscessus treatments led to our interest in the two-component regulator DosRS, which, in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is required for the bacterium to establish a state of nonreplicating, ...
  • Molecular epidemiology of leprosy: an update 

    Author(s):Avanzi, Charlotte; Singh, Pushpendra; Truman, Richard W; Suffys, Philip N
    Date Issued:2020-12
    Format:born digital; articles
    Molecular epidemiology investigations are notoriously challenging in the leprosy field mainly because the inherent characteristics of the disease as well as its yet uncultivated causative agents, Mycobacterium leprae and ...
  • Quantifying proximity, confinement, and interventions in disease outbreaks: a decision support framework for air-transported pathogens 

    Author(s):Bond, Tami C; Bosco-Lauth, Angela; Farmer, Delphine K.; Francisco, Paul W.; Piercer, Jeffrey R.; Fedak, Kristen M.; Ham, Jay M.; Jathar, Shantanu H.; VandeWoude, Sue
    Date Issued:2021-02-19
    Format:born digital; articles
    The inability to communicate how infectious diseases are transmitted in human environments has triggered avoidance of interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We define a metric, Effective ReBreathed Volume (ERBV), that ...
  • Eukaryotic microbiology 

    Author(s):Huseby, Medora
    Date Issued:2020-09-21
    Format:born digital; chapters (layout features); textbooks; open educational resources; OER
    This chapter details cell-cell communication highlighting studies performed in the model organism Dictyostelium discoideum. Topics covered include signaling molecules, cell surface receptors, and subversion of host cell ...
  • Medical and molecular virology 

    Author(s):Suchman, Erica
    Date Issued:2020-06-30
    Format:born digital; textbooks; open educational resources; OER
    This book was created for upper division microbiology students studying virology. It will describe the molecular biology and major diseases of virus families that cause significant disease in animals and humans. This book ...
  • MmpL3 interactome reveals a complex crosstalk between cell envelope biosynthesis and cell elongation and division in mycobacteria, The 

    Author(s):Belardinelli, Juan Manuel; Stevens, Casey M.; Li, Wei; Tan, Yong Zi; Jones, Victoria; Mancia, Filippo; Zgurskaya, Helen I.; Jackson, Mary
    Date Issued:2019-07-24
    Format:born digital; ariticles
    Integral membrane transporters of the Mycobacterial Membrane Protein Large (MmpL) family and their interactome play important roles in the synthesis and export of mycobacterial outer membrane lipids. Despite the current ...
  • Evidence of zoonotic leprosy in Pará, Brazilian Amazon, and risks associated with human contact or consumption of armadillos 

    Author(s):da Silva, Moises B.; Portela, Juliana M.; Li, Wei; Jackson, Mary; Gonzalez-Juarrero, Mercedes; Hidalgo, Andrea Sánchez; Belisle, John T.; Bouth, Raquel C.; Gobbo, Angélica R.; Barreto, Josafá G.; Minervino, Antonio H. H.; Cole, Stewart T.; Avanzi, Charlotte; Busso, Philippe; Frade, Marco A. C.; Geluk, Annemieke; Salgado, Claudio G.; Spencer, John S.
    Date Issued:2018-06-28
    Format:born digital; ariticles
    Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae) is a human pathogen and the causative agent for leprosy, a chronic disease characterized by lesions of the skin and peripheral nerve damage. Zoonotic transmission of M. leprae to humans by ...
  • Pathogenesis of oral FIV infection 

    Author(s):Miller, Craig; Boegler, Karen; Carver, Scott; MacMillan, Martha; Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Helle; VandeWoude, Susan
    Date Issued:2017
    Format:born digital; articles
    Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is the feline analogue of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and features many hallmarks of HIV infection and pathogenesis, including the development of concurrent oral lesions. While ...
  • Method of attachment influences accelerometer-based activity data in dogs, The 

    Author(s):Martin, Kyle W.; Olsen, Anastasia M.; Duncan, Colleen G.; Duerr, Felix M.
    Date Issued:2017-02-10
    Format:born digital; ariticles
    Background: Accelerometer-based activity monitoring is a promising new tool in veterinary medicine used to objectively assess activity levels in dogs. To date, it is unknown how device orientation, attachment method, and ...