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Hafner, Kellen, artist
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The artist's statement: Through the pairing of poetic yet disparate elements the installation, Der Lenq Kwin Flip, forms unexpected connections and perspectives on seemingly familiar and ordinary materials. This current body of work is driven by personal experiences, spatial memories, nonverbal communication, remnants, tragic comedy, rituals, the mundane, the bizarre, and all that is absurdly beautiful. I'm aesthetically and conceptually interested in the way we visually represent data and our complex culture's futile attempt to neatly organize and index information. This overload of visual content in the modern era can easily become disorienting. However, by collecting bits and pieces of my environment, both man-made and natural, I am able to reevaluate and understand them in new contexts. I combine my own photos, drawings, and various found objects in a delicately balanced installation which transforms ordinary and forgotten materials into an unexpected visual understanding. By capturing my personal observations in a tactile photo form, I'm able to experience them further during the process of collage-combining, arranging, concealing, and altering. This process of collection, accumulation and organization continually informs the work with the essence of our immensely saturated visual and material environment.
2014 Fall.
Colorado State University Art Department capstone project.
Capstone contains the artist's statement, and images of works.
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