Recent Submissions

  • Food, gentrification, and the changing city 

    Author(s):Sbicca, Joshua
    Date Issued:2018
    Format:born digital; articles
    Food offers a visceral entry point into the politics and processes of gentrification. Traditional explanations of gentrification - when a neighborhood experiences disinvestment and economic decline followed by "revitalization" ...
  • Solidarity and sweat equity: for reciprocal food justice research 

    Author(s):Sbicca, Joshua
    Date Issued:2015
    Format:born digital; articles
    Researchers committed to food justice often enter communities and nonprofits with a desire to help. They often think there is a scarcity, such as food, that they want to understand and help to increase. At the same time, ...
  • Collaborative concession in food movement networks: the uneven relations of resource mobilization 

    Author(s):Sbicca, Joshua; Luxton, India; Hale, James; Roeser, Kassandra
    Date Issued:2019-05-21
    Format:born digital; ariticles
    How do food movements prioritize and work to accomplish their varied and often conflicting social change goals at the city scale? Our study investigates the Denver food movement with a mixed methods social network analysis ...
  • What is sense of place? 

    Author(s):Cross, Jennifer E.
    Date Issued:2001-11-02
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    As noted in the call for this year’s papers, "Sense of place has become a buzzword used to justify everything from a warm fuzzy appreciation of a natural landscape to the selling of homesites in urban sprawl. The truth is ...
  • Private property rights versus scenic views: a battle over place attachments 

    Author(s):Cross, Jennifer E.
    Date Issued:2001-10
    Format:born digital; proceedings (reports)
    In the West, some of the most volatile political debates revolve around land-use issues. Much sociological research has focused on the relationship between length of residence and attitudes towards the environment, land-use ...
  • Organizational innovation for energy conservation: a case study of Poudre School District 

    Author(s):Lueck, Michelle A. M.; Byrne, Zinta S.; Cross, Jennifer E.
    Date Issued:2010-11-12
    Format:born digital; reports
    Since 2000, Poudre School District has built seven green schools and steadily improved the energy performance of all existing school buildings. The Operations Services department has received over 30 awards from local, ...