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  • Samtal med den värdefulla naturen : ett studium av miljöetiken hos Knud Løgstrup, Holmes Rolston III och Hans Jonas 

    Contributor:Kvassman, Staffan
    This is the English summary section from the book written by Staffan Kvassman about Holmes Rolston (and two others). The book was originally his Swedish doctoral dissertation published in 1999.
  • 温柔的使命 : 生態, 信仰, 生活的結合 

    Contributor:Lin, Yiren; Chen, Tzu-mei
    Article 1: In his sermon preached June 5, 2016, at the Ho-Ping Church in Taipei, Rolston emphasized that, like ancient Israel, all peoples today reside on lands with promise, promised lands. Taiwan was long known as Formosa, ...
  • Holmes Rolston III : interview by Theo Horesh 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-Horesh, Theo;
    Rolston on how we might more wisely approach the "perfect moral storm" of climate change. Ethicists will watch the worldview, the interpretation, the value choices underlying economic analyses. We are at a hinge point in ...
  • Rolston bio-profile HD slideshow 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
  • I married a "thinker" 

    Contributor:Rolston, Jane
    Recollections of Holmes Rolston's wife Jane over the decades of her life married to a philosophical "thinker."
  • U.S. Congressional Record – Rolston congratulated 

    Contributor:McInnis, Scott
  • Philosopher gone wild, A 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
    Date Issued:1993
    Rolston found that, loving wisdom, he had to quarrel with Socrates, taking a natural turn. Indeed he found that he had to quarrel with the three disciplines he most loved: science, philosophy, and theology. None of them ...
  • Rolston, Holmes, III, 1932- 

    Contributor:Cafaro, Philip
    Date Issued:2009
    Rolston's forty year career at Colorado State University has been devoted to analyzing and advocating value in nature, especially the intrinsic value of nature. Such value generates an obligation to respect nature and to ...
  • Booknotes, January 2010 

    Contributor:O'Hear, Anthony
    The author reviews Christopher J. Preston's book Saving Creation, which charts the intellectual and personal odyssey of Holmes Rolston III.
  • Saving creation : nature and faith in the life of Holmes Rolston III [Review] 

    Contributor:Bouma-Prediger, Steven
    Date Issued:2010-10
    Preston engagingly tells the story of Rolston, from his childhood in the Shenandoah Mountains, to his long and distinguished career as a philosopher at Colorado State University. As the story of a human life, it is an ...
  • Rolston publications by year 

    Contributor:Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
  • Holmes Rolston III 1932- / by Jack Weir (Japanese) 

    Contributor:Weir, JackJiyuji, Sudou;
    Date Issued:2004
    Holmes Rolston is widely recognized as the "father of environmental ethics" as an academic discipline. More so than any other, he has shaped the essential nature, scope and issues of the discipline. The following six ...
  • Holmes Rolston, III - CSU history 

    Contributor:Hansen, James E., 1938-
    Date Issued:2007
    Rolston has been important in Colorado State University's strategic planning for enhanced student learning. He was the first University Distinguished Professor to be named outside the natural sciences. He has a scholarly ...
  • Rolston, Holmes (1932- ) : American environmental and religious philosopher 

    Contributor:Causey, Ann S.
    Date Issued:1993
    Rolston is the father of environmental ethics. As such he occupies a singular place of importance in modern philosophy. He has devoted his distinguished career to plausibly and meaningfully interpreting the natural world ...
  • Interview with a true green giant 

    Contributor:Crumm, David
    Date Issued:2009
    Rolston is a true "green giant," urging the kinds of experience people all need to share, if humans are to survive as a species. He is working to knit together a rather unlikely community of secular scientists, nature ...
  • Holmes Rolston III (b. 1932) 

    Contributor:Palmer, Clare, 1967-
    Date Issued:1997
    Rolston has been of central importance in the development of environmental ethics as an academic discipline, both as a profuse writer in the field and as one of the founding editors of the principal journal in the field, ...
  • Eigingildi í náttúrunni -- heimspeki á villigötum? 

    Contributor:Arnason, Thorvardur
    Date Issued:2005
    Ethics has been constantly becoming more inclusive, and that ought to encompass the larger community of life on Earth. Values are present in living organisms, independently of humans. Iceland has more opportunity for ...
  • Saving creation : nature and faith in the life of Holmes Rolston III [Review] 

    Contributor:Brueggemann, Walter
    Date Issued:2010
    Book review of Christopher Preston's Saving Creation: nature and faith in the life of Holmes Rolston III. Christopher Preston offers a winsome, straightforward account of Rolston's life, bringing him the recognition and ...
  • Rolston, Holmes (Britannica) 

    Contributor:Turner, Darrell J.
    Date Issued:2004
    The "father of environmental ethics" has spent his life in what he calls a lover's quarrel with science and religion. "I had to fight both theology and science to love nature," Rolston said when he was named the recipient ...
  • Entrevista : Dr. Holmes Rolston III 

    Contributor:Griffith, James
    Date Issued:2004
    An interview of Rolston in the extension journal of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil. Rolston recalls visits to Brazil, first for the 1992 UNCED Conference in Rio de Janeiro and the second in 2000 for the II ...

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