Recent Submissions

  • Behavior of LNG vapor clouds: tests to define the size, shape and structure of LNG vapor clouds 

    Author(s):Meroney, Robert, N.; Neff, D. E.; Kothari, K. M.; Colorado State University. Department of Civil Engineering
    Date Issued:1980-07
    Format:papers (documents)
    A terraced 1:240 scale model of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center was constructed to a resolution of one foot vertical increments and placed in the wind tunnel to determine the distances of lower flammability limit (LFL) ...
  • Evapotranspiration in the tropics 

    Author(s):Schulz, Edmond F.; Hossain, Aolad
    Date Issued:1970
    Format:papers (documents)
    A study was made of monthly rainfall and runoff over a 105,000 square kilometer watershed in northern Thailand. The function of the watershed in producing the runoff hydrograph was simulated using a type of Stanford Watershed ...
  • Dimensionless unit hydrographs from tropical watersheds 

    Author(s):Schulz, Edmond F.
    Date Issued:1969?
    Format:papers (documents)
    The problem of estimating flood peaks from small watersheds is involved in the design of storm sewers highway drainage, diversion works, bridges and culverts. The majority of such hydraulic structures are constructed on ...