These digital collections include theses, dissertations, and faculty publications from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Due to departmental name changes, materials from the following historical departments are also included here: Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural and Chemical Engineering; Chemical and Bioresource Engineering; and Chemical Engineering.

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  • Porous protein microcrystals as a scaffold for nucleic acids and proteins 

    Author(s):Masri, Mahmoud, author; Snow, Christopher, advisor; Peebles, Christie, committee member; Takamitsu, Kato, committee member
    Date Issued:2022
    Format:born digital; masters theses
    Oral delivery of nucleic acids is restricted by a number of limiting factors, particularly protection of guest DNA and RNA from degradation and hydrolysis within the gastrointestinal tract following ingestion. Highly ...
  • Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling for prediction of pharmacokinetic parameters of capreomycin 

    Author(s):Metzler, Catherine, author; Reisfeld, Brad, advisor; DeGroote, Mary Ann, committee member; Prasad, Ashok, committee member
    Date Issued:2010
    Format:masters theses
    Tuberculosis (TB) is a global public health epidemic that is increasingly dangerous and difficult to treat due in large part to drug-resistant strains. New pharmaceutical options must be considered, including capreomycin, ...
  • Thin film integrated optical waveguides for biosensing using local evanescent field detection 

    Author(s):Stephens, Matthew David, author; Dandy, David, advisor; Lear, Kevin, committee member; Reardon, Kenneth, committee member; Belfiore, Laurence, committee member
    Date Issued:2010
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    A waveguide is a high refractive index material that is surrounded by lower refractive index cladding. This waveguide structure can be used to carry light confined to the high refractive index core. Surrounding the core ...
  • Phytoremediation of tetracycline and oxytetracycline 

    Author(s):Gujarathi, Ninad P., author; Linden, James, advisor; Bhadra, Rajiv, advisor; Wickramasinghe, Ranil, advisor; Rinker, Kristina, committee member; Pruden, Amy, committee member; Smits-Pilon, Elizabeth, committee member
    Date Issued:2005
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Tetracycline (TC) and Oxytetracycline (OTC), when released to the environment through wastewater streams mainly from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO), may induce antibiotic resistance among several bacterial ...
  • Role of data analysis methods selection and documentation in producing comparable information to support water quality management 

    Author(s):Martin, Lindsay Melissa, author; Ward, Robert C., advisor; Loftis, Jim C., committee member
    Date Issued:2000
    Format:masters theses
    Water quality monitoring is being used in local, regional, and national scales to measure how water quality variables behave in the natural environment. A common problem, which arises from monitoring, is how to relate ...
  • Metabolic manipulation of Taxus canadensis for taxol production 

    Author(s):Phisalaphong, Muenduen, author; Linden, James, advisor; Karim, Nazmul, advisor; Murphy, Vince, committee member; Stushnoff, Cecil, committee member
    Date Issued:1999
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    In order to enhance taxol production in suspension cultures of Taxus sp., the regulation of biosynthetic pathways of the secondary metabolites have been investigated. The studies on elicitation and signal transduction ...
  • Cooperative design of a water quality monitoring system for the Big Thompson River Watershed, Colorado 

    Author(s):Greve, Adrienne I., author; Loftis, Jim C., advisor; Ward, Robert, committee member; Laituri, Melinda, committee member
    Date Issued:1999
    Format:masters theses
    Water from the Big Thompson River and the Colorado-Big Thompson Project (a trans-mountain diversion of Colorado River water to the Big Thompson River) is a valuable resource to the North Front Range region of Colorado. The ...
  • Biodegradation of dinitrotoluene by Pseudomonas PR7 in a fluidized bed bioreactor 

    Author(s):Whitty, Katherine Keesling, author; Reardon, Kenneth F., advisor; Murphy, Vincent G., committee member; Linden, James C., committee member
    Date Issued:1997
    Format:masters theses
    2,4-Dinitrotoluene (DNT) has been listed as a priority pollutant by the U. S. EPA. It is a waste product in the production of 2,4,6- trinitrotoluene (TNT) and toluene diisocyanate. Pseudomonas PR7 is able to completely ...
  • Dependence of the formation factor on the unsaturated hydraulic properties of porous media 

    Author(s):Lorentz, Simon A., author; McWhorter, David B., advisor; Ward, Robert C., committee member; Durnford, Deanna, committee member; Warner, James W., committee member
    Date Issued:1995
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Mathematical models of the hydraulic conductivity are used extensively to predict the movement of liquids in porous media. Included in these models is a description of the physics of flow as well as the nature of the ...
  • Data analysis reporting protocols for ground water quality monitoring in the San Luis Valley, Colorado 

    Author(s):Goetz, Lacey R., author; Ward, Robert C., advisor; Loftis, Jim, committee member; Cardon, Grant, committee member
    Date Issued:1995
    Format:masters theses
    This thesis investigates the concept of designing a regional, long term, ground water quality information system that complies with all of the laws and regulations applicable and provides information needed by water resource ...
  • Taxol productivity and physiological relationships in suspension cultures of Taxus Cuspidata 

    Author(s):Mirjalili, Noushin, author; Linden, Jim C., advisor; Reardon, Kennete F., committee member
    Date Issued:1995
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Taxol, an extractive of the Pacific yew, is a plant secondary metabolite that has demonstrated anticancer activity. In an effort to prevent depletion of Pacific yew population and to obtain adequate supplies of taxol, ...
  • Information goals for a regional ground water quality monitoring system for the San Luis Valley 

    Author(s):Bagenstos, Dennis J., author; Ward, Robert C., advisor; Loftis, Jim C., advisor; Durnford, Deanna S., committee member; Smith, Freeman, committee member
    Date Issued:1994
    Format:masters theses
    The residents of the San Luis Valley of Colorado are dependent on ground water resources for agriculture, the economic base of the region, as well as most of their drinking water. The quality of this water, as a result of ...
  • Gas concentration effects on plant cell cultures of Artemisia Annua 

    Author(s):Haigh, John R., author; Linden, James C., advisor; Murphy, Vincent G., committee member; Dunlop, Eric H., committee member; Nabors, Murray W., committee member
    Date Issued:1993
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Many of the costly organic chemicals used by modern society are harvested from plants. A number of investigators have studied the use of plant cells in culture, rather than whole plants, as sources of some of the more ...
  • Vegetation patterns along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, Glacier National Park, Montana 

    Author(s):Wondzell, Mark, author; Ward, Robert C., advisor; Scott, Michael J., committee member; Jackson, William, committee member; Loftis, Jim C., committee member
    Date Issued:1992
    Format:masters theses
    Distribution of riparian vegetation on riverine floodplains is dictated, in part, by species' response to flood disturbance. Plant position can be related to frequency, intensity and duration of flooding, with species most ...
  • Investigation of vertical mixing in raceway pond systems using computational fluid dynamics 

    Author(s):Shen, Chen, author; Dandy, David S., advisor; Reardon, Kenneth F., committee member; Bradley, Thomas, committee member; Prasad, Ashok, committee member
    Date Issued:2021
    Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
    Raceway ponds are widely used as cost-efficient and easily set up outdoor algal cultivation systems. Growth rates strongly depend on cumulative light exposure, which can be predicted using accurate computational fluid ...
  • Novel applications of advanced integral-equation theories to various polymeric systems 

    Author(s):Wang, Yan, author; Wang, Qiang, advisor; Snow, Christopher, committee member; Bailey, Travis, committee member; Grzegorz, Szamel, committee member
    Date Issued:2021
    Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
    To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
  • Water-quality data analysis protocol development 

    Author(s):Harcum, Jonathan Brooks, author; Loftis, Jim C., advisor; Ward, Robert C., advisor; Hirsch, Robert M., committee member; Salas, Jose, committee member
    Date Issued:1990
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    Several agencies have developed networks to routinely monitor water quantity and quality in an attempt to assess society's influence on the environment, including the impacts of modern agriculture. Data from these networks ...
  • Transport of copiotrophic bacteria in oligotrophic coarse soils: a Monte Carlo analysis 

    Author(s):Peterson, Thomas Charles, author; Ward, Robert C., advisor; Warner, James W., committee member; Hunt, H. William, committee member; Doxtader, Kenneth G., committee member
    Date Issued:1987
    Format:doctoral dissertations
    On-site wastewater treatment systems placed in coarse-grained, oligotrophic soils such as those typically found in the mountainous regions of the West are designed and installed with the assumption that most pathogenic ...
  • Extraction and fermentation of ensiled sweet sorghum 

    Author(s):Noah, Karl S., author; Linden, James C., advisor; Smith, Daniel, committee member; Dale, Bruce D., committee member
    Date Issued:1987
    Format:masters theses
    Sweet sorghum, variety Rio, was ensiled for 10 months prior to being subject to extraction studies using a pilot scale continuous countercurrent diffuser. An objective of the study was to see how control of liquid-solid ...
  • Solute transport in variably saturated flow in porous media with dual porosity 

    Author(s):Lorentz, Simon A., author; McWhorter, David B., advisor; Ward, Robert C., committee member; Sanders, Thomas G., committee member
    Date Issued:1986
    Format:masters theses
    The transport of chemicals through solid waste disposal piles presents a potential source of surface and groundwater contamination. In an effort to determine the scope of the potential hazard, many laboratory tests have ...

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