Recent Submissions

  • Overview of private lands programs, past and present, An 

    Contributor:Morgan, KenMorgan, Ken;
    Since the inception of the Colorado Division of Wildlife over 100 years ago (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife), wildlife managers have depended on developing and maintaining working relationships with private landowners to ...
  • Colorado Habitat Exchange 

    Contributor:Fankhauser, TerryMorgan, Ken;
    The Colorado Habitat Exchange gives ranchers a new return on investment for stewarding wildlife and land resources. To address the issue of moving toward energy security without doing irreparable damage to wildlife and the ...
  • Using bird populations to evaluate activities, promote ecological awareness, and prompt action on private lands 

    Contributor:Ramsey, Philip; Stone, Kate; Mummey, DanMorgan, Ken;
    Private landowners allocate significant resources towards restoration activities, yet have few ways to demonstrate the ecological effectiveness of their actions. As a group, birds are well suited to serve as response ...
  • Three Rivers Alliance 

    Contributor:Andrews, Don; Schneider, TroyMorgan, Ken;
    The Three Rivers Alliance (TRA) was formed on July 9, 2008 as a Colorado non-profit corporation by landowners in the Republican River basin of Colorado. The goal of the organization is to preserve and strengthen the local ...
  • Building connections to wild places with remote viewing technologies 

    Contributor:Ramsey, Alan; Stone, Kate; Ramsey, Phil; Larkin, BeauMorgan, Ken;
    Remote viewing technologies allow new ways to maintain connections between people and wild places. In this presentation we will discuss a suite of technologies that enable viewers to learn about conservation efforts and ...
  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program 

    Contributor:Noonan, BillMorgan, Ken;
    The Partners program, since the mid-1980's, has been developing and maintaining positive working relationships with landowners to benefit fish and wildlife resources. Such activities have resulted in tremendous on-the-ground ...
  • Black-footed Ferret Recovery Program 

    Contributor:Hughes, JohnMorgan, Ken;
    Despite a successful captive propagation and reintroduction program, the black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) remains one the most endangered mammals in North America due to widespread lethal control of prairie dogs ...
  • Private, wild working lands : important settings for conserving imperiled species 

    Contributor:Phillips, MikeAllison, Lesli; Taggart, Craig; Danvir, Rick;
    Over 60% of the United States is held in private ownership. These holdings include some of the country's most productive lands and are often managed as working landscapes. Notably, the security of over 80% of the nation's ...
  • Habitat Partnership Program : "Local solutions to local problems" 

    Contributor:Tucker, PatMorgan, Ken;
    The Habitat Partnership Program, since the early 1990's has been utilizing local committees to reduce wildlife conflicts, particularly those associated with forage and fences to assist the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) ...
  • No good deed goes unpunished : removing barriers to wildlife conservation on private lands 

    Contributor:Danvir, RickAllison, Lesli; Taggart, Craig; Danvir, Rick;
    Contrary to common perception, many private landowners across the West have a strong conservation ethic and an interest in helping to advance species recovery, including threatened and endangered species. Conservation ...
  • Great Movement, The 

    Contributor:Allison, LesliAllison, Lesli; Taggart, Craig; Danvir, Rick;
    Major transformations in land ownership and management have been underway in the Western United States for several decades with enormous implications for wildlife, conservation and working lands. The Western Landowners ...
  • Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : stewardship, education, science 

    Contributor:Gallagher, SethMorgan, Ken;
    Originating in 1999 as Prairie Partners, the program was to address declining bird trends on a landscape used for agricultural production. Private landowners own or manage a considerable percentage of this land. Their ...
  • Legacy of ranching and conservation, A 

    Contributor:Davis, RussellMorgan, Ken;
    Russell Davis, a rancher, has been at the forefront of private lands wildlife conservation for the past 12 years, beginning with his involvement in mountain plover research and continuing with short grass prairie conservation. ...
  • Managing the public's wildlife on private lands : a landowner's perspective 

    Contributor:Simons, Greg
    History of wildlife in the United States is one that witnessed remarkable recovery of many species of wildlife during the 20st century, after a major collapse during the preceding century. The North American Model of ...
  • Role of ecosystem services in private lands conservation : an investor's perspective 

    Contributor:Anderson, Terry
    The concept of ecosystem services has evolved from society’s earliest basic needs of obtaining food and shelter to today’s complex ecological paradigms that include social, cultural, and economic and conservation objectives. ...