• Digitization of Herbarium Specimens, a Collaborative Process 

        Author(s):Schmidt, Lawrence
        Digital collections in museums, libraries, and other agencies are expanding rapidly. Digitization of books, maps, photographs, and other objects for both preservation and dissemination are changing the way libraries work. ...
      • Digitization of Geology Theses and Dissertations 

        Author(s):McCarthy, Deborah; Hert, Tamsen
        A leaking pipe damaged a number of the universities theses and dissertations. This resulted in a project to digitize these materials as both a preservation measure and method to improve access to the collection. The specific ...
      • Best of the Literature : Graduate Student Instruction 

        Author(s):Calkins, Kaijsa
        The recent literature on college and university library instruction largely focuses on undergraduate and, more specifically, first-year students. During my review, I found that discussion of graduate students in library ...