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The College of Business was founded in 1899 as the University of Wyoming School of Commerce and Industry. While the Business programs offered have changed over the years, the college remains firmly committed to a tradition of excellence. This includes their dedication to excellence in teaching, internationally recognized intellectual contributions, integration of teaching with scholarship, and service that has tangible impacts on the state and professional community.

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  • Going Global with Innovations from Emerging Economies: Investment in Customer Support Capabilities Pays Off 

    Author(s):Khavul, Susanna; Peterson, Mark; Mullens, Drake; Rasheed, Abdul A.; Khavul, Susanna; Peterson, Mark; Mullens, Drake; Rasheed, Abdul A.
    Globalization of innovation calls for entrepreneurial new ventures from emerging economies to develop customer-focused dynamic capabilities. The authors argue that firms with proprietary technology and a strategic intent ...
  • Marketing and Public Policy: Transformative Research in Developing Markets 

    Author(s):Shultz, Clifford J.; Deshpande, Rohit; Cornwell, Bettina T.; Ekici, Ahmet; Kothandaraman, Prabakar; Peterson, Mark; Shapiro, Stanley; Talukdar, Debabrata; Veeck, Ann; Shultz, Clifford J.; Deshpande, Rohit; Cornwell, Bettina T.; Ekici, Ahmet; Kothandaraman, Prabakar; Peterson, Mark; Shapiro, Stanley; Talukdar, Debabrata; Veeck, Ann
    Developing markets are a challenge for researchers who study them and for governments, business leaders, and citizens who strive to improve the quality of life in them. The limitations of the dominant development paradigm ...
  • Exchanges in Marketing Systems: The Case of Subsistence Consumer-Merchants in Chennai, India 

    Author(s):Viswanathan, Madhu; Rosa, José Antonio; Ruth, Julie A.; Viswanathan, Madhu; Rosa, José Antonio; Ruth, Julie A.
    A qualitative study of subsistence consumer merchants (SCMs) in Chennai, India, reveals that they sustain relationships in three interdependent relationship domains: vendor, customer, and family. Relying on long interview ...
  • Role of Labeling Processes in Elderly Consumers' Responses to Age Segmentation Cues, The 

    Author(s):Tian, Kelly Tepper; Tian, Kelly Tepper
    This investigation explores labeling processes underlying age segmentation cue effects on discount usage intentions. Depth interviews regarding participants' experiences using senior-citizen-type discounts reveal three ...
  • Consumers' Need for Uniqueness: Scale Development and Validation 

    Author(s):Tian, Kelly; Bearden, William O.; Tian, Kelly; Bearden, William O.
    Consumers acquire and display material possessions for the purpose of feeling differentiated from other people and, thus, are targeted with a variety of marketing stimuli that attempt to enhance self-perceptions of uniqueness. ...
  • Extended Self and Workplace Possessions, The 

    Author(s):Tian, Kelly; Belk, Russell W.; Tian, Kelly; Belk, Russell W.
    This study of the meanings of possessions displayed in the offices of employees in a high technology firm suggests extensions to the concept of extended self. Work self and home self contend for dominance in these displays. ...
  • Reconstructing the South: A Theoretical Reflection on the Iconography of New South Mythmaking 

    Author(s):Thompson, Craig; Tian, Kelly
    The Myth of Lost Cause arose from the material and social devastation wrought by the Civil War, as white Southerners sought to rationalize, justify, and glorify their crushing military and political defeat and the bleak ...
  • Reconstructing the South: How Commercial Myths Compete for Identity Value through the Ideological Shaping of Popular Memories and Counter-memories 

    Author(s):Thompson, Craig; Tian, Kelly; Thompson, Craig; Tian, Kelly
    This study explicates the coconstitutive relationships between commercial mythmaking and popular memory that arise through myth market competitions for identity value. We develop a genealogical analysis of the representational ...
  • Brands of Nation-making in China: A Visual History of the Use of Western and Domestic Brands in Asserting Chinese Nationalism 

    Author(s):Dong, Lily; Tian, Kelly
    International business press reporting on China’s economic development often sensationalize the transformation of China’s citizenry from comrades to consumers of Western brands. In 2003 the Communist Party’s Third Plenum ...
  • Use of Western Brands in Asserting Chinese National Identity, The 

    Author(s):Dong, Lily; Tian, Kelly; Dong, Lily; Tian, Kelly
    Chinese consumers employ Western brands to assert competing versions of Chinese national identity. These uses emerged from findings that Chinese form meanings of Western brands, drawing from select historical national ...
  • Ship Appears to be Turning, The 

    Author(s):Beracha, Eli; Skiba, Hilla; Hirschey, Mark; Beracha, Eli; Skiba, Hilla; Hirschey, Mark
    Since early 2007, housing has experienced a prolonged slump in prices. This study investigates the state of housing markets across the United States as of June 2011 and finds that housing is undervalued in almost all ...
  • Experimental Economics and the Environment: Eliciting Values for Controversial Goods 

    Author(s):Shogren, Jason F.; Parkhurst, Gregory M.; Hudson, Darren; Shogren, Jason F.; Parkhurst, Gregory M.; Hudson, Darren
    We illustrate the experimental method by examining bidding behavior for controversial goods, i.e., goods in which bidders have positive and negative values. Our results suggest that bidding behavior differs across auction ...
  • Dynamic Endogenous Risks & Non-Expected Utility Behavior 

    Author(s):Ranjan, Ram; Shogren, Jason F.; Ranjan, Ram; Shogren, Jason F.
    The theory of endogenous risk captures the idea that people self-protect and self-insure to reduce risks to human and environmental health. Herein we extend the standard static model to include the realities of (1) dynamic ...
  • Bank Loans and Under-Performers 

    Author(s):Shaffer, Sherrill L.; Sokolyk, Tatyana; Shaffer, Sherrill L.; Sokolyk, Tatyana
    While theory predicts that bank loans provide valuable information to market participants, empirical results have been mixed. We propose and test the hypothesis that the benefits of bank loan announcements accrue differentially ...
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery: Going Beyond Conventional Extraction 

    Author(s):Cook, Benjamin R.; Mason, Charles F.; Cook, Benjamin R.; Mason, Charles F.
    In 1978, amid growing concerns over exposure to foreign oil producers – particularly OPEC – the U.S. Congress instructed the Office of Technology Assessment to assess the state of U.S. oilfield production. The resulting ...
  • Natural Gas Expansion and the Cost Of Congestion 

    Author(s):Oliver, Matthew E.; Mason, Charles F.; Finnoff, David; Oliver, Matthew E.; Mason, Charles F.; Finnoff, David
    With the emergence of new technologies such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, large new deposits of oil and gas are poised to become economically viable. As this happens, substantially increased deliveries ...
  • Environmental Performance and Cost of Innovative Technologies for Ductile Iron Foundry Production, The 

    Author(s):Torielli, Rose M.; Cannon, Fred S.; Voigt, Robert C.; Considine, Timothy; Furness, James C.; Fox, John T.; Goudzwaard, Jeff E.; Huang, He; Torielli, Rose M.; Cannon, Fred S.; Voigt, Robert C.; Considine, Timothy; Furness, James C.; Fox, John T.; Goudzwaard, Jeff E.; Huang, He
    The authors and collaborators have devised innovative technologies that decrease foundry costs, pollution, materials use, and energy. These include: (a) applying advanced oxidation to green sand and baghouse dust to diminish ...
  • Coastal wetland restoration and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 

    Author(s):Barbier, Edward B.; Barbier, Edward B.
    Both the 2005 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the 2010 BP oil spill have focused attention on the need to restore coastal wetland habitats along the Gulf of Mexico of the United States. As restoration is required by the ...
  • Equity Basis Selection in Allocation Environments: An Empirical Analysis 

    Author(s):Aadland, David; Aadland, David
    Successful formation and long-term stability of cooperative ventures is often linked to the perceived fairness of the cost and resource allocations that these ventures employ. Indeed, the lack of a consensus over what basis ...
  • Environmental Citizen Suits with Pigovian Punitive Damages 

    Author(s):Park, Sung-Hoon; Shogren, Jason F.; Park, Sung-Hoon; Shogren, Jason F.
    Federal environmental laws encourage private citizens to act like "private attorney generals" and to sue a firm. This citizen group competes over the rewards of levels of regulation and enforcement. The firm can reduce its ...

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