The Satisfaction Survey was first administered in 1994. At that time it was composed of two parts: ACT and a portion composed by various UW entities, primarily Student Services. The computer files for 1994 and 1996 include both the ACT and student services responses (actuw 94 and actuw 96). In 1998, the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory was added. ACT was administered to half the sample and Noel-Levitz to the other half. UW questions were given to the entire sample.

The surveys were administered to a sample drawn from students in classes at a specific time and day. Total sample sizes have arranged around 1,500. All students in the specified classes were asked to complete the questionnaire. On average students completed the survey in from 30 to 45 minutes.

For both ACT and Noel-Levitz there is little variance in the names of the variables from year to year. Please note, however, from 1994 through 2006 the first 23 satisfaction items in ACT have a different order than from 2006 to 2012. Noel-Levitz order remains the same throughout. The UW Student Services portion varies considerably from year and few questions were asked consistently from 1994 through 2012. From 1994 to 2002 variables are given names and from 2002 through 2012 the variables correspond to the items in the questionnaire.

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