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        4f hybridization and band dispersion in gadolinium thin films and compounds [1]
        Amplification of magnetoresistance and Hall effect of Fe3O4–SiO2–Si structure [1]
        Amplification of magnetoresistance of magnetite in an Fe3O4–SiO2–Si structure [1]
        Anomalous magnetoresistance in NiMnGa thin films [1]
        CdSe quantum dots synthesized by laser ablation in water and their photovoltaic applications [1]
        Ce-doped EuO: Magnetic properties and the indirect band gap [1]
        Characterization of the natural barriers of intergranular tunnel junctions: Cr2O3 surface layers on CrO2 nanoparticles [1]
        Colossal magnetoresistance and magnetic phase transitions in bulk Nd0.7Ba0.3MnO3 [1]
        Current-controlled channel switching and magnetoresistance in an Fe3C island film supported on a Si substrate [1]
        Direct measurement of the dependence of granular giant magnetoresistance on the relative orientation of magnetic granules [1]
        Direct observation of strain fields in epitaxial growth Fe3O4 thin films on MgO substrates [1]
        Effect of Li3N addition by mechanical alloying on Nd2Fe14B—Formation of NdN2, The [1]
        Electronic structure change with Gd doping of HfO2 on silicon, The [1]
        Enhanced low field magnetoresistance in Sr2FeMoO6-glass composites [1]
        Enhanced spin-dependent tunneling magnetoresistance in magnetite films coated by polystyrene [1]
        Enhanced tunneling magnetoresistance of Fe3O4 in a Fe3O4-hexabromobenzene (C6Br6) composite system [1]
        Extraordinary Hall effect and ferromagnetism in Fe-doped reduced rutile [1]
        Ferromagnetism and transport properties of Fe-doped reduced-rutile TiO2−δ thin films [1]
        Ferromagnetism in chromium-doped reduced-rutile titanium dioxide thin films [1]
        Giant negative magnetoresistance of spin polarons in magnetic semiconductors–chromium-doped Ti2O3 thin films [1]