• Relationship Between the Written Word and Visual Art, The 

        Author(s):Pass, Madison K.
        Visual art is a category that is incredibly vast, and has a rich and vivid history. The visual arts have wound their way through history, leaving their mark on everything they have interacted with. This is true of the ...
      • Components of a Proper Warm-up For Active Adolescents : A Literature Review 

        Author(s):Marcus, Caitlin C.
        Background: Through a previous project my goal was to research and understand cultural identity. Through that project I found I wanted to help as many people as I can and it became a goal to research the adolescent age ...
      • Importance of Early Music Education and Proposal for the Non-Profit "Listen-Up Project", The 

        Author(s):Sheesley, Amelia W.
        This thesis is provides research to support the argument that there are great academic and personal benefits to early music education in schools and should therefore be kept and well-funded. This research is pulled from ...
      • Methanol to Aromatics 

        Author(s):Ward, Tess; Weishaar, Jonathan; Wilkison, Brady; Ruskowsky, Gabrianna
        Aromatics are an important part of many chemical engineering processes around the world and have a large variety of commercial uses. In the future it is projected there will be a shortage of oil resources causing many ...
      • Droplet Phase Ion-Ion Chemistry 

        Author(s):Henry, Joshua A.
        The purpose of the research performed this semester was to replicate the results of a study undertaken by Cotham et al. and to change the method used to improve the measurement of the amino acid sequence of a peptide by ...
      • Corporate Structure and Regulatory Risk in the Oil & Gas Industry 

        Author(s):Lawrence, Kirby
        Whether or not a publicly traded corporation's individual oil and well facility had committed an environmental violation from 2010 to 2015, was examined against measures of financial liquidity constraints for its corporate ...
      • University Honors House : Going Solar in 2016 

        Author(s):McMorrow, Gabrielle V.
        A group of students in the ME 4460: Solar and Geothermal Engineering at the University of Wyoming were tasked with designing a solar heating system for a residential building in Laramie, WY in the fall 2015 semester (McMorrow ...
      • Optimizing Birth : Creation and Analysis of an Ideal Labor and Delivery Experience 

        Author(s):Mertz, Kathryn L.
        In this literature review, the author seeks to describe the objectively "best" birth experience for low-risk pregnancies by analyzing studies that compare various outcomes and scenarios of the labor and delivery experience, ...
      • Modernity and the "History" of Historic Preservation 

        Author(s):Anderson, Lucas A.
        The historic preservation movement in the United States is dedicated to preserving the nation's historic resources in the built environment. However, historic preservation presents a major flaw in terms of definition. The ...