• Language and Identity 

        Author(s):Padilla, Christopher
        As globalization develops, demographics evolve, and the linguistic blueprint of many countries morphs, the complexity of both language and individual identity becomes more acute. Yet, despite such fluidity, language and ...
      • EBTAX : The Conversion of Ethane to Aromatics via Catalytic Conversion 

        Author(s):Schwichtenberg, Emily; Cheese, Aaron; Martin, Bridger; Alshahri, Saud
        Over the semester, the goal of EBTAX was to create an economically viable process for the conversion of ethane to various valuable aromatics, specifically benzene, toluene, and xylene, commonly referred to as BTX. A recent ...
      • Assessing Typically Developing Toddler Communication Using the CFCS and FOCUS 

        Author(s):Hopkin, Ashley E.
        The Communication Function Classification System consists of five levels of communication performance with familiar and unfamiliar partners, from Level I (most functional) to Level V (least functional). In pilot data of ...
      • Dencity Automata 

        Author(s):Schneider, Matthew
        The world so large is growing ever so small. Scattered souls are slowly making their way quickly to urban concentrations, establishing residency in whichever fashion possible, thus slums are manifest. As of consequence, ...
      • Using Historical Perspective to Teach History 

        Author(s):Larson, Katya
        "And we would do well to remind young people that nobody ever lived in the past. Jefferson, Adams, and Washington did not walk around thinking, "Isn't it fascinating living in the past?" They lived in the present, of course, ...
      • Space use and home range overlap of least chipmunks in the Laramie Range 

        Author(s):Locker, Sara M.
        Body mass, which represents the energy demands of animals, has been identified as an important predictor of home range size in many terrestrial and marine mammals. In most studies, only interspecific effects of body size ...
      • 90 Minutes of Entertainment, Months of Planning, a Lifetime of Memories 

        Author(s):Bartlett, Michelle
        Someone walks down the street and sees an advertisement that catches their eye, and they think that they might want to attend the event. They buy tickets and anxiously await the affair. The day comes and they walk through ...
      • BTEXterminator : GMO for Bioremediation of Produced Water 

        Author(s):Munoz, Christine M.; Sackett, Cody L.; Kiyai-Bartlett, Juliet C.
        During oil and gas operations, millions of barrels of water are forced to the surface; this water is called produced water. Produced water contains many compounds, namely BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene). ...
      • Cowboy Food Sharing : Supply the Soup Kitchen and Reduce Waste 

        Author(s):Brant, Samantha L.
        In the US 40% of our food is thrown away, and yet over 50 million Americans struggle to be sure there will be enough food to put on the table. Across the nation, some corporations, restaurants and universities have taken ...
      • Synthesis of Nickel Catalyst for use in Polymerization Reactions 

        Author(s):Hurlock, Matthew J.
        It is undeniable the effect that plastics have had on the world and polymerization reactions make this all possible. Polymerization reactions are some of the most useful reactions conducted today. A polymerization reaction ...
      • Bicycle-Powered Charger 

        Author(s):Howell, Alexandra N.
        Bicycles offer effective means of exercise and are popular forms of transportation. One fault of the current use of bicycles is that the mechanical energy generated by a moving bicycle is often wasted in the form of friction ...
      • EBTAX : The Conversion of Ethane to Aromatics via Catalytic Conversion 

        Author(s):Martin, Bridger; Schwichtenberg, Emily; Alshahri, Saud; Cheese, Aaron
        Over the semester, the goal of team EBTAX was to create an economically viable process for the conversion of ethane to various valuable aromatics, specifically benzene, toluene, and xylene, commonly referred to as BTX. A ...
      • Family and Pediatric Dentistry Business Plan 

        Author(s):Brenner, Kegan J.; Headrick, Jordan L.
        Often times, families with young children have to visit multiple dentists to meet everyone's needs, which means more time taken out of their busy daily schedules. Although we are aware that dentistry in urban Wyoming is a ...
      • Mini Systematic Review of Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation as a Treatment for Gait and Dysarthria in Parkinson's Disease, A 

        Author(s):Duffee, Kayla
        This review investigated the efficacy of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation (STN DBS) as a treatment for gait and dysarthria in patients with Parkinson's Disease. Gait and dysarthria—walking and talking—have a huge ...
      • Hox Genes : Literature Review and Clinical Overview of Human Defects and Cancer 

        Author(s):Ellbogen, Christopher
        In animals appendage placement and axial arrangement is dependent on four to forty-eight Hox genes. Hox genes are evolutionarily conserved because mutations are usually lethal, and the presence of Hox genes is evidence for ...
      • Architecture Engineering Developments 

        Author(s):Drake, Paul; Rasmussen, Bren; Bales, Libby; Delach, Nic; Lange, Amanda; Wessel, Lindsey; Oolman, Matt; Manhas, Karan; Alhaini, Humoud; McMorrow, Gabrielle
        This presentation will demonstrate some of the buildings, structural frames, mechanical systems, and infrastructure I worked on for my Architectural Engineering Senior Design projects. The first included an 80-story ...
      • Bullying : A performance piece addressing emotional and verbal abuse between children 

        Author(s):Cooper, Julia Marie
        Bullying is a perpetual struggle for many children and young people, particularly at school. Many schools work to provide information about bullying and its consequences, however this material is often presented in lecture ...
      • Disseminating Probiotic Yogurt Recipe and Educational Materials to Underserved People with Type II Diabetes in Albany County 

        Author(s):Brackett, Caleb D.
        There is a growing concern in the underserved population of Albany County with not only Type II Diabetes but with food insecurity, where there is limited access to medical resources and food for balanced diets. This is ...
      • Impact Ordnance has on Warfare and Civilization, The 

        Author(s):Schmitt, Jade
        The United States has been in conflict with a degree of wars since its establishment in 1776. Throughout time there has been a growing power for more weapons, technology, and intelligence to keep us ahead of all our enemies. ...
      • Future of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Pregnancy, The 

        Author(s):Cummings, Megan L.
        At the turn of the century, pregnancy was a dangerous undertaking for women with insulin-dependent diabetes. As new technology developed, the maternal and fetal complications associated with diabetes began to decrease. By ...