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      • CO2 Adsorption and Regeneration over the Alkali Metal-base Sorbents 

        Contributor:Wu, Guangjun
        My research project about CO2 capture over the solid sorbents is to measure the adsorption capacity and regeneration property, over a range of low temperatures, of the alkali metal-based sorbent K2 CO3, which is supported ...
      • 2012 Moonbuggy Senior Design Project 

        Contributor:Fay, Davis; Frohbieter, Alisa; Young, Lesley; Williams, Ryan
        The National Aeronautic Space Administration, NASA, holds an annual student design competition in Huntsville, Alabama called the Great Moonbuggy Race. Students are required to design and build a vehicle that focus on a ...
      • Fracture Stimulation Techniques 

        Contributor:Barsness, Katie; Fu, Limin; Skinner, Josie; Williams, Alex
        Fracture stimulation techniques within the petroleum industry have been advancing at a rapid rate through the past decade due to the discovery of unconventional plays and the increase in the use of natural gas. These ...
      • Developing a Theory on Quality Music Using American Popular Music 

        Contributor:Wiebers, Ben
        Music represents a significant component of culture yet is difficult to objectively study. Several theories exist regarding quality in music, but none accurately describe all aspects of a song. Due to the importance of ...
      • MaxForce Designs Novel Compound Bow 

        Contributor:Faulkner, Lance; Hazelett, Joel; Jack, Jordan; Ward, Tyler
        The Novel Compound Bow design was created to reduce the draw force supplied by the archer in half by increasing the effective draw length. This will allow for easier draws on bows that normally require higher draw weights. ...
      • Impact of diet reduction in obese ewes during early pregnancy on placentomal type and cotyledonary vascularity in the ewe 

        Contributor:Walsh, Tori
        An ovine model of over-nutrition during pregnancy is currently in development at the Center for the Study of Fetal Programming at the University of Wyoming. In 2007, an estimated 54.5% of women of childbearing age (20-39 ...
      • Role of Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East under the Justice and Development Party 

        Contributor:Vigil, Roxanne
        Since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has come to power in 2002, Turkey's foreign policy has changed its relations with the Middle East. Turkey is becoming a significant player in all regions of the world because ...
      • Implementation of Organosolv Pretreatment Into a Cellulosic Ethanol Plant, The 

        Contributor:Hughes, Alyssa; Neuberge, Neil; Tan, Shuai
        In recent years an emphasis has been placed on the research and development of new technologies for the production of fuel and energy alternatives. One alternative is the production of ethanol from biomass. The National ...
      • From the Farm to the Table : An In-Depth Look into Information Passage between the Agriculture Industry and Consumers 

        Contributor:Thomas, Mandy
        One of the largest issues currently in the agriculture sector is communication with the public. Farmers and ranchers have pride in the service they provide their fellow man but most consumers are so far removed from ...
      • Mapping wheat growth in dryland fields in SE Wyoming using Landsat images 

        Contributor:Thoman, Matthew J.
        Zoning fields and crops is a pre-requisite for strengthening precision agriculture practices. Remotely sensed data collected by Landsat satellites can be used for monitoring crop growth and consistency within and between ...
      • Polarization and Moderates in the American Political Aggregate 

        Contributor:Taylor, Zachary
        It is widely accepted that polarization is occurring in America. However, the exact nature and extent of this polarization is constantly in question. Empirical research has returned results ranging from practical denial ...
      • Ibuprofen Transdermal Patch 

        Contributor:Gradisher, Logan; Stephens, Analisa
        Many pain sufferers have difficultly using oral dosages or injections of medications, bringing about the need for an alternative means of delivery for both over the counter and prescription medications. A promising option ...
      • Multi Object Tracker via G.P.S. through Wireless Communication 

        Contributor:Siedschlag, Jeremy; Stackhouse, Jonathan
        In Woodsball, a variant of paintball, players form teams and attempt to accomplish various objectives while in the middle of wooded areas. Since the area of play can be vast, team members have the potential to get lost or ...
      • Namasté Yoga and Massage Therapy 

        Contributor:Snell, Jessica
        This study has focused on the necessary steps of research that would go into starting a business built around bringing yoga and massage therapy into the workplace. It has addressed the problem, my solution, the customer, ...
      • Polymer Characterization for Soft-Tissue Fixation Devices 

        Contributor:Schlotthauer, Jonathan
        The overall goal of this study was to fabricate and mechanically characterize a high-strength porous polymer scaffold for use as an orthopedic soft-tissue fixation device. Orthopedic soft-tissue fixation devices are used ...
      • Land Wind Racer Design 

        Contributor:Allen, Shyla; James, Nick; Mitchell, Lee; Rykhus, Austin
        Z4 Energy Systems LLC in September 2011 requested that RideWY Engineering, design a wind powered vehicle to be entered into the "Celebration of Wind" race held in Rawlins, Wyoming in May 2012. Design of this vehicle was ...
      • Teaching Poetry In High School 

        Contributor:Ruttinger, Loren
        Dale Creek is located southeast of Laramie, WY near Tie Siding. The site of the old Union Pacific railroad abutments makes for an ideal location to build a dam to augment water storage for the City of Cheyenne, WY. The ...
      • Teaching Poetry In High School 

        Contributor:Rust, Carla
        My presentation will suggest a new approach to teaching poetry in high school with a primary focus in contemporary poetry, and introducing students to the relevance of poetry. My project is founded on the idea that high ...
      • Differences in Exercise Economy between Minimalistic and Conventional Footwear 

        Contributor:Renner, Tyler; Werhonig, Gary
        Background: Barefoot running has been thought to be more metabolically economical than conventional, shod running. However, some studies have suggested that only experienced barefoot runners may benefit due to biomechanical ...
      • Wyoming Public Radio into Media : Embracing the Power and Potential of Digital Media 

        Contributor:Rader, Anna
        Over the last few years, radio has undergone changes that are inevitable in the world of new media and digital technology. National Public Radio has extended their focus to build a compelling service on, as well ...