• What is the price of love?: The ethics of ever-escalating medical care costs for companion animals 

        Author(s):Payne, Amanda Morgan; Payne, Amanda Morgan
        Medical and surgical procedures that previously only existed in the realm of human medicine have been making the move into the world of veterinary medicine. While these advancements can provide lifesaving treatments for ...
      • Shaft Twist Inspection Tool 

        Author(s):Bucsek, Ashley; Lindenstein, Alex; Ohlschwager, Anna; Sundberg, Steven; Bucsek, Ashley; Lindenstein, Alex; Ohlschwager, Anna; Sundberg, Steven
        Since its design, the U.S. Army has reinforced a specific combat vehicle with additional armor, nearly doubling its original weight. With the added load, the vehicle's differential components can fail, and a particular ...
      • Pitchfork Field Study 

        Author(s):Karki, Rochak; Panta, Dhruba; Parvez, Tayyab; Podio, Rebecca; Sadiq, Omair; Karki, Rochak; Panta, Dhruba; Parvez, Tayyab; Podio, Rebecca; Sadiq, Omair
        The Pitchfork Field is an oil field that primarily produces for the Tensleep Formation. The field is physically located in Northwestern Wyoming in the Big Horn Basin. The characteristics of this field that have been examined ...
      • Post-Conflict Health Care: Women's Lives After Conflict 

        Author(s):Quest, Audrey; Quest, Audrey
        In post-conflict societies many essential resources have been destroyed. Opposing forces, to weaken their opponents, often target health facilities. Along with the scarcity of hospitals, many specialists are displaced. ...
      • Integration of Accelerated Precipitation Softening-Microfiltration (APS-MF) Assembly to Maximize Water Recovery from the Treatment of Brackish Water 

        Author(s):Meyers, Kyle; Meyers, Kyle
        The development of hydrocarbon resources such as crude oil, coalbed methane, conventional gas, and tight-shale gas unvaryingly results in the generation of brackish wastewaters. Brackish wastewater is characterized by salt ...
      • Limitations in Delineating Lake Shoreline in Cloud Contaminated Landsat Images 

        Author(s):Richardson, Kate E.; Richardson, Kate E.
        Bull Lake Reservoir is the primary irrigation water source for the ceded portion of the Wind River Reservation. The Saratoga National Fish Hatchery also keeps the lake stocked with trout; enabling the Wind River Indian ...
      • Boxers and Bowties: How media affects Fraternity men at Omega University 

        Author(s):Miller, Sean; Miller, Sean
        When freshmen enter college there is an expectation of how one conforms to the college lifestyle. For some men, that is by joining a collegiate fraternity or a brotherhood of men who have common hobbies and interests. ...
      • Strategies in the Game F-Saturator 

        Author(s):Oursler, Roy; Oursler, Roy
        In mathematics, a graph is a set of vertices and a set of edges which connect pairs of vertices. A subgraph is graph that is a subset of vertices of a graph and a subset of the edges connecting those vertices. Some example ...
      • Discovering Classroom Management 

        Author(s):Phillips, Emily; Phillips, Emily
        My student teaching experience this semester has taught me about the most difficult and most important aspects of teaching. The two pinnacle components that require the most amount of time and experience are content and ...
      • Air Separation Unit to Create Zero-Emission Oxy-Combustion Energy 

        Author(s):Aldhahri, Khalid; White, Thomas; Marken, Daniel; Alrajeh, Omar; Aldhahri, Khalid; White, Thomas; Marken, Daniel; Alrajeh, Omar
        The University of Wyoming has proposed the construction of a large wind tunnel that will draw 1-2 MW of electricity. This is a significant amount of energy that may affect the University and possibly all of Laramie. To ...
      • Biogeochemical Integrity of Cetacean Bioapatites Exposed to Simulated Burial Conditions 

        Author(s):Wolff, Shana; Wolff, Shana
        High mineralization and low porosity prevent ion exchanges with bioapatite, conditions found in the whale tympanic bulla. Cetacean bullae may be ideal specimens for isotopic research. Extending stable isotope analysis to ...
      • Sound Levels In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 

        Author(s):Brown, Julia; Brown, Julia
        Sound levels in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are a source of environmental stress to already vulnerable premature infants. Many physiological changes occur when premature infants are exposed to high levels of ...
      • Plant Responses to Light Independent of Photosynthesis: Qualification and Quantification of Photoreceptors and Light Dependent Morphological Traits Throughout Development Stages in a Nonphotosynthetic Plant 

        Author(s):McCrackin, Sean; McCrackin, Sean
        Photosynthesis, the ability of green plants to synthesize chemical energy directly from carbon dioxide and water using solar energy, is the foundation for survival of all living organisms on Earth. Photosynthesis depends ...
      • Remembering To Do Things For Others: Social Prospective Memory and Goal Activation 

        Author(s):Fahlsing, Anna; Fahlsing, Anna
        Prospective memory (PM), or memory for intentions, is in an integral part of everyday life. Social prospective memory (social PM) is the subset of PM that affects other people, such as remembering to call your grandparents ...
      • Analysis of Soils With Historic Arsenical Pesticide Applications for Arsenic and Lead Contentent 

        Author(s):Lavallee, Philip, Jr.; Reynolds, Brandon; Schell, Scott; Lavallee, Philip, Jr.; Reynolds, Brandon; Schell, Scott
        Arsenic is a worldwide contaminant of soils and water sources that humanity use for multiple purposes including agriculture. High concentrations of Arsenic in food and water sources have been known to cause cancer and ...
      • Nanoindentation of Polymers 

        Author(s):Bucsek, Ashley; Bucsek, Ashley
        Small-scale polymers are increasingly being applied to a variety of fields, making it important to understand the behavior of polymers at small length scales. Indentation size effects (ISE) is the apparent increase in ...
      • Methods in Immunology for Brucella Abortus 

        Author(s):Berg, Jacob; Berg, Jacob
        Bovine in the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) of the United States are consistently exposed to Brucella abortus. This bacterium has been known to cause abortions in cattle resulting in an economic loss to the owner and ...
      • Descriptive versus Injunctive Norms in Reducing Rape Myths: A survey study 

        Author(s):Jaeger, Lauren; Jaeger, Lauren
        Sexual assault is an unfortunately prevalent devastating crime, leaving victims with a range of physical and emotional injuries. In an effort to decrease the occurrence of sexual assault, researchers and university personnel ...
      • Shakespeare in a Trunk 

        Author(s):Higgins, Sean; Higgins, Sean
        Arguably the most influential writer ever to lay pen to paper, the works of William Shakespeare continues to shape and sculpt the literary world on the page. Although his text is powerful on the page, it is even more so ...
      • Isotope Tracing in the Libby Creek Watershed 

        Author(s):Chapple, Wil; Chapple, Wil
        New research, using water isotope tracers, has indicated that the plant-water relationships of mountain ecosystems may be more complicated than previous scientific thought believed the relationship to be. Recent research ...