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  • Think No Evil: Clergy Responses to Religious Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 

    Author(s):Zhang, Annie R.; Zhang, Annie R.
    Obsessive-compulsive disorder with primary religious themes, also known as scrupulosity, is an understudied problem that poses unique clinical challenges owing to the potential conflicts between the requirements of exposure ...
  • Virtualizing Grief: Commemorating Life and Death through Online Memorials 

    Author(s):Wurst, JoAnna; Wurst, JoAnna
    Memorialization — the ways that the dead are remembered and remain part of the society of the living — has long been a subject of anthropological inquiry. More recently, anthropologists have focused on spontaneous shrines, ...
  • Biogeochemical Integrity of Cetacean Bioapatites Exposed to Simulated Burial Conditions 

    Author(s):Wolff, Shana; Wolff, Shana
    High mineralization and low porosity prevent ion exchanges with bioapatite, conditions found in the whale tympanic bulla. Cetacean bullae may be ideal specimens for isotopic research. Extending stable isotope analysis to ...
  • Effects of Aerobic Training Post-Myocardial-infarction on Hypertrophic Gene Expression in the Heart 

    Author(s):Wolff, Alexander; Wolff, Alexander
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world, and one of the simplest measures that can be taken against it is aerobic exercise. Both exercise and a myocardial infarction (MI) can lead to hypertrophy of the ...
  • Holistic Methods to Overcome Dental Anxiety 

    Author(s):Wimpenny, Sarah; Wimpenny, Sarah
    The goal of this research project is to examine the effectiveness of holistic methods used by dentists in order to lessen anxiety in patients. This research project investigates the origin of dental fears and anxiety and ...
  • Quick Camp 

    Author(s):Roberson, Dakota; Williamson, Kendall; Roberson, Dakota; Williamson, Kendall
    Background – Quick Camp is a project that was envisioned by Electrofab, Inc. which essentially enables a land owner and potential entrepreneur to maintain an RV campground without the need for a traditional camp host. ...
  • Fictional Language Use and Cultural Assumptions 

    Author(s):Wickman, Gloria; Wickman, Gloria
    In various forms of media, fictional languages have been created to give invented cultures more depth. Film franchises such as Star Trek and The Lord of the Rings have worked with professional linguists to insure that the ...
  • Air Separation Unit to Create Zero-Emission Oxy-Combustion Energy 

    Author(s):Aldhahri, Khalid; White, Thomas; Marken, Daniel; Alrajeh, Omar; Aldhahri, Khalid; White, Thomas; Marken, Daniel; Alrajeh, Omar
    The University of Wyoming has proposed the construction of a large wind tunnel that will draw 1-2 MW of electricity. This is a significant amount of energy that may affect the University and possibly all of Laramie. To ...
  • Natural Gas to Olefins 

    Author(s):Almutawa, Salman; Wells, Travis; Chase, Scott; Alzain, Mohammed; Almutawa, Salman; Wells, Travis; Chase, Scott; Alzain, Mohammed
    In the last decade, the United States has seen a significant boost in domestic natural gas and oil production. With this available new feedstock of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), the potential to construct a profitable olefins ...
  • Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC)/ Ultracapacitor (UC) Powered Laptop 

    Author(s):Bourgeois, Phil; Toedter, Steven; Romshek, Thomas; Miller, Will; Bourgeois, Phil; Toedter, Steven; Romshek, Thomas; Miller, Will
    Microsoft™ and FuelCell Energy Inc. have created a joint venture to build a fuel cell powered data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The primary challenge, inherent to the project, is the rapid manner with which a data center's ...
  • Leaving a Mark on Digital Media: A Partial Survey of the Perfect Digital Watermark Problem 

    Author(s):Thompson, Christopher; Thompson, Christopher
    Informally, the goal of a digital watermark is to "mark" a piece of digital media, such as images or videos, in a way that makes it possible to identify the respectful owner of the media and make it difficult for an opponent ...
  • Assessing Transferability of Landsat-derived NDWI Values across Space and Time 

    Author(s):Thoman, Matthew J.; McCollum, Kaitlyn; Thoman, Matthew J.; McCollum, Kaitlyn
    Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI) derived from the reflectance values of green and infrared bands is a widely used index for the delineation of water bodies in remotely sensed images. While attempting to identify ...
  • Characterizing analyst bias in unsupervised classification of Landsat images 

    Author(s):Terry, Bailey; Beaman, Benjamin; Terry, Bailey; Beaman, Benjamin
    Unsupervised classification is a classification technique used to process remotely sensed images. Products generated from this technique are used for monitoring changes in earth's vegetation, urban settlements, and water ...
  • Soil microbial community physiology is altered by snow depth 

    Author(s):Tamang, Shanker; Tucker, Colin; Pendall, Elise; Tamang, Shanker; Tucker, Colin; Pendall, Elise
    Land in temperate ecosystems, such as sagebrush steppe in Wyoming, is covered by snow during winter. Soil biogeochemical processes that lead to emissions of greenhouse gases are partly dependent on the depth and duration ...
  • Shaft Twist Inspection Tool 

    Author(s):Bucsek, Ashley; Lindenstein, Alex; Ohlschwager, Anna; Sundberg, Steven; Bucsek, Ashley; Lindenstein, Alex; Ohlschwager, Anna; Sundberg, Steven
    Since its design, the U.S. Army has reinforced a specific combat vehicle with additional armor, nearly doubling its original weight. With the added load, the vehicle's differential components can fail, and a particular ...
  • Strength Testing of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Lintels 

    Author(s):Stroud, Nathan P.; Stroud, Nathan P.
    Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a lightweight, cellular, precast building material capable of providing structural, thermal and fire resistance. Design provisions for AAC masonry were introduced in the 2005 masonry ...
  • Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Natural Gas to Diesel Fuel 

    Author(s):Almarri, Faraj; Carv, Bennett; Stevenson, Travis; Musabeh, Ali Al; Alyousif, Mohammed; Almarri, Faraj; Carv, Bennett; Stevenson, Travis; Musabeh, Ali Al; Alyousif, Mohammed
    Currently, the steady increases in oil prices have heightened the interest in synthetic liquid fuel sources derived from natural gas. Furthermore, there are a lot of positive experiences with natural gas in the last few ...
  • Mapping Changes in Reservoir Surface Area Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Images 

    Author(s):Steinhoff, Christopher; Steinhoff, Christopher
    Majority of Wyoming is characterized as semi-arid environment where availability of water impacts agricultural operations, animal husbandry, and recreational purposes. Ranchers and farmers depend on reservoirs to sustain ...
  • Age of Humans?: Examining the Cosmic Perspective and the Individual 

    Author(s):Sivinski, Seth; Ulatowski, Joseph; Sivinski, Seth; Ulatowski, Joseph
    This paper looks at environmental ethics and specifically the Cosmic Perspective Argument. This argument puts forward that with new developments in cosmology it is unlikely that Earth is unique in terms of life and ecosystems. ...
  • Immigration: Social Inhibitors Impact on the Increasing Rates of Crime Amongst Latino Populations 

    Author(s):Scott, Alia; Weaver, Jeremy; Scott, Alia; Weaver, Jeremy
    Latino immigrants face a necessary process of assimilation in order to become a functioning member of society. This assimilation process induces and deduces criminal and deviant behaviors depending upon the maturity of the ...

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