• Our Relationship with Cognitive Dissonance 

        Author(s):Denison, Ezekiel Matthias; Denison, Ezekiel Matthias
        Cognitive dissonance is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude changes. We as humans run into situations causing these cognitive dissonant ...
      • Motivation for political attitudes : The relationship between behavioral approach and inhibition systems and political orientation, The 

        Author(s):Holmes, Theresa; Holmes, Theresa
        Issues surrounding the upcoming presidential election season highlight the need for a better understanding of the relationship between human motivation and political orientation. The neurophysiological trait systems of ...
      • Mining the Mouse Microbiome 

        Author(s):Hamann, Bailey; Hamann, Bailey
        The significant impact of the human gut microbiome on our health has been recently discovered. The majority of microbiota reside within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and provide a wide variety of benefits to the human ...
      • Nanoparticle Deposition with Controlled Density and Placement 

        Author(s):DeStefano, Audra; DeStefano, Audra
        Hydraulic fracturing utilizes water containing chemical additives and propping agents to increase oil and gas production in low-permeability reservoirs. Recent increase in the use of hydraulic fracturing to develop oil ...
      • Methanol to Aromatics 

        Author(s):Ruskowsky, Gabrianna; Ruskowsky, Gabrianna
        Methanol is a compound containing one carbon, three hydrogens, and one hydroxyl-group, or an oxygen-hydrogen group. Due to the single carbon, also known as the methyl-group, methanol can be used to build up other, larger ...
      • Analysis of Ice Depth on the Dinwoody Glacier Using Ground Penetrating Radar, An 

        Author(s):McGlynn, Ian; Hamrick, Mike; McGlynn, Ian; Hamrick, Mike
        Over 80 glaciers reside in the state of Wyoming. The Wind River Range, located in the west-central region of the state, is home to a majority of these frozen reservoirs. As the word "reservoir" suggests, these contribute ...
      • Seasonal soil carbon, nitrogen and greenhouse gas emissions during post beetle forest successional recovery 

        Author(s):Schmidt, Susan Irene; Schmidt, Susan Irene
        Bark beetle infestation has occurred in many forested areas all across North America. Delayed effects of the infestation on the forest ecosystem and on factors related to climate change can continue to occur years after ...
      • Low Speed Open Circuit Wind Tunnel Design 

        Author(s):Chapdelaine, Wyatt; Dunn, Clint; Helstrom, Jeremy; Lambrecht, Chris; Layton, Randy; Munari, Stephan; Chapdelaine, Wyatt; Dunn, Clint; Helstrom, Jeremy; Lambrecht, Chris; Layton, Randy; Munari, Stephan
        This senior design capstone project focuses on the design and manufacture of a small low speed open circuit teaching wind tunnel and its associated instrumentation. The wind tunnel is to be utilized in teaching laboratories ...
      • Structural Design of Laramie County Community College Student Center, The 

        Author(s):Bayles, Katie; Bayles, Katie
        Structural Engineers are put to the task of designing the structural systems for a building while maintaining the architectural identity of the design. The structural engineer must choose the most cost effective material ...
      • Song Divergence in Passerines 

        Author(s):Brutsman, Dianna; Brutsman, Dianna
        Song is important for mate choice among passerines because males use song to attract mates and females determine mate quality based on song. Therefore, song is likely a reproductive isolating mechanism between populations ...
      • YMCE Engineering 

        Author(s):Alqatari, Yousif; Seas, Michael; Jones, Christian; Fabrizius, Eric; Alqatari, Yousif; Seas, Michael; Jones, Christian; Fabrizius, Eric
        Our presentation will be about an innovative new idea to directly convert methane to methanol via a catalytic pathway that involves a platinum bipyrimidine complex. The United States currently has an abundance of natural ...
      • Crushing Weight of Bombs, Money, and Political Revenge: How the International Community Tipped the Scales in the 1975 Cambodian Revolution, The 

        Author(s):Avery, Kayle; Avery, Kayle
        This project aims to apply the revolutionary theories of Jack A. Goldstone and Theda Skocpol to the 1975 Cambodian revolution. In doing so, the project illustrates how unstable the Cambodian government was prior to its ...
      • Validation of a Novel qPCR Assay for Brucellosis, The 

        Author(s):Vaughan, Corinne; Vaughan, Corinne
        Brucellosis is an important zoonotic disease caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella. There are an estimated 5,000,000 human cases of the disease reported annually. In 1934 the United States created the State-Federal ...
      • Chronicles of Agriculture: A Preservation and Adaptation Comparison of Yucatecan Maya and Peruvian Quechua Agricultural Systems, The 

        Author(s):Reish, Amanda; Reish, Amanda
        This essay will seek to explore how Yucatecan Maya and Peruvian Quechua are preserving and adapting their indigenous agricultural systems to the modern world. This relation is examined through indigenous spirituality ...
      • To Be A Constitutional Revolution: The Iranian Constitutional Movement of 1906-1907 and Its Failure At a Constitutional Revolution 

        Author(s):Christner, Courtney; Christner, Courtney
        The Iranian Constitutional Movement of 1906-1907 began as an elitist movement to reign in the shah of Iranian's power and secularize the government. Only a year after its passage, the Iranian Constitution was amended by ...
      • Methods for Obtaining High Frequency 13CO2 measurements 

        Author(s):Huhn, Bridger; Huhn, Bridger
        The goal for this research project is to understand how plants control water use. This is crucial when accounting for the water availability of a plant and drought analysis. A plants ability to assimilate mass in comparison ...
      • Ireland: From 'Celtic Tiger' to 'GIPSI' and Back 

        Author(s):Elledge, Robin; Elledge, Robin
        In 2007 Ireland was a huge economic success, as the fastest growing country in Europe it was often referred to as the Celtic Tiger. Less than two years later, as a result of its rapidly declining economy, Ireland was ...
      • Terrestrial carbon and nitrogen following massive scale beetle-caused forest mortality 

        Author(s):Harris, Ada Margaret Shibley; Harris, Ada Margaret Shibley
        Bark beetle epidemics have decimated at least 12 million hectares of lodgepole pine and Engelmann spruce forests in western North America. As a result, belowground biogeochemical processes are changing from sequestration ...
      • Mapping beetle infested stands in Medicine Bow National Forest: Importance of spatial and attribute accuracy of field data 

        Author(s):Wirsching, Elizabeth M.; Alexander, Jacqueline; Wirsching, Elizabeth M.; Alexander, Jacqueline
        Since 2002, the beetle infestation has killed millions of lodgepole and spruce trees in the Medicine Bow National Forest and throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. Once attacked, first these trees lose their hydrologic ...
      • Salt-mediated Reduction of Weight Gain in Sprague-Dawley Rats 

        Author(s):Schambow, Rachel; Schambow, Rachel
        High dietary salt levels have long been correlated with weight gain and obesity. Recent studies in the Skinner lab, however, have shown a reduction in weight gain in Sprague-Dawley rats fed a high salt, high fat (HS/HF) ...