• International Obstacles to Social Integration 

        Author(s):Deiter, Aidan; Deiter, Aidan
        In many nations around the world, it is unfortunately common for an individual's character and potential to be judged by their racial or ethnic identity. As a result, even many developed countries continue to struggle with ...
      • Comparison of Hearing Screening Protocols for Preschoolers, Infants, and Toddlers 

        Author(s):Symes, Kailey; Symes, Kailey
        The purpose of this research was to compare the outcomes of two hearing screening protocols for preschoolers, toddlers, and infants: (1) Using only transient evoked otoacoustic emissions (TEOAEs); and (2) Using TEOAEs, ...
      • Basic Analysis of the Baraćeve Šplije Human Remains 

        Author(s):Judkins, Fallon; Judkins, Fallon
        Baraćeve Šplije are a set of caves located in the Rakovica reigon of Croatia that house a large assortment of human remains. There is a story among locals of this area that says a village living in the valley closest to ...
      • Assessing spatial and temporal snowpack evolution and melt with time-lapse photography 

        Author(s):Bush, Caitlin; Bush, Caitlin
        The objective of this experiment was to quantify spatial and temporal patterns of snowpack evolution and melt rates while minimizing perturbations to snowpack through the use of time-lapse photography via trail cameras. ...
      • Advance Tank and Construction Vertical Welding Buggy 

        Author(s):Fenn, Michelle; Hughes, Dugan; Maxey, Clayton; Reh, Nicholas; Fenn, Michelle; Hughes, Dugan; Maxey, Clayton; Reh, Nicholas
        Advance Tank and Construction (ATC) is an industrial construction company based out of Wellington, CO. They specialize in the design, fabrication, and erection of above ground storage, welded steel tanks, and other plate ...
      • Corporate Structure and Regulatory Risk in the Oil & Gas Industry 

        Author(s):Lawrence, Kirby; Lawrence, Kirby
      • United States Housing Policy and Social Inequality: Homeownership, Renting, and the Necessity of Change 

        Author(s):Dilldine, Cullen; Dilldine, Cullen
        U.S. federal housing policy has communicated a preference for homeownership over renting for the past 100 years. Arguments to encourage homeownership include its economic and social benefits and the general stability it ...
      • Comparison of Body Fat Energy Level and Diet in Performing Arts Major, A 

        Author(s):Schulz, Katherine; Schulz, Katherine
        The purpose of this study is to evaluate dietary consumption and energy requirements in vocal performance and dance majors. This research was done in three sections, participants in section one track the intake using an ...
      • Addressing Bias in Snow Water Equivalent Measurements 

        Author(s):French, Jordan; French, Jordan
        Wintertime snow precipitation is the largest precipitation type in the northwestern United States. For example, in Wyoming at least 70% of the State's water originates as snowfall. The majority of this snowfall deposits ...
      • Analysis of Stream Bed Morphology in Oil and Gas Development Areas Using LiDAR Data 

        Author(s):Edwards, Christopher; Edwards, Christopher
        Previous work at the University of Wyoming has identified landscapes in Wyoming that do not follow traditional observations and contradict principal scientific understanding of watershed behavior. High resolution data was ...
      • Bald Eagles: The Tabooed Image of Cancer 

        Author(s):Scherer, Jaime; Scherer, Jaime
        There are taboos in contemporary American culture that have been developed and reinforced throughout history that depend on mandatory compliance from all unquestioning members of our society. Among the particularly commanding, ...
      • Automatic Aromatics 

        Author(s):Ward, Tess; Ruskowsky, Gabrianna; Weishaar, Jonathan; Wilkison, Brady; Ward, Tess; Ruskowsky, Gabrianna; Weishaar, Jonathan; Wilkison, Brady
        Aromatics are an important part of many chemical engineering processes around the world and have a large variety of commercial uses. In the future it is projected there will be a shortage of oil resources causing many ...