• Aerosol and Gas Re-Distribution by Shallow Cumulus Clouds : An Investigation Using Airborne Measurements 

        Author(s):Wonaschuetz, Anna; Sorooshian, Armin; Ervens, Barbara; Chuang, Patrick Y.; Feingold, Graham; Murphy, Shane; de Gouw, Joost; Warneke, Carsten; Jonsson, Haflidi H.
        Aircraft measurements during the 2006 Gulf of Mexico Atmospheric Composition and Climate Study (GoMACCS) are used to examine the influence of shallow cumulus clouds on vertical profiles of aerosol chemical composition, ...
      • Oil and natural gas resources in Wyoming January 2020 summary report: 

        Author(s):Wyoming State Geological Survey; Wyoming State Geological Survey
        Wyoming ranks eighth in the nation in both oil and natural gas production, according to the Energy Information Association, or EIA. Despite uncertainty in the global economy and supply gluts that threaten to slow the U.S. ...
      • Oil and gas map of Wyoming 

        Author(s):Toner, R. N.; Lynds, R. M.; Stafford, J. E.; Wyoming State Geological Survey
        Date Issued:2019
        To access an interactive map from Wyoming State Geological Survey, please see: http://wsgs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=3f7ab99343c34bd3ac5ae6ac8c04d95a/